Pokemon GO – The Best Groudon Counters (June 2022)


The last hours of Kyogre Battle Raid capabilities are shrinking, and it’s almost time for Pokemon GO players to switch their attention. While the busy month of events in June continues, there are plenty of special quests, spawns and other activities to take part in. For players who haven’t had enough of nostalgic battle raids yet, another old favorite boss is about to appear. return.

From Tuesday, June 7, 2022, to Thursday, June 16, 2022, Groudon will take over the fifth-level Pokemon GO Battle Raid slot. During this period, the coaches will have a chance to fight with the popular legendary Hoenn region, and if they are lucky, they may leave with a brilliant meeting before the end of the week. Before the fun starts, the trainers will probably want to go back to their old Battle Raid counter lists and make some updates based on the latest meta game changes.

We remind you that Groudon is a legendary Ground—type Pokemon, which means that trainers will want to create a list full of powerful water and grass-type Pokemon. These are pretty popular types of counters that should give experienced raiders a lot of popular Pokemon and movement sets to work with. Keep in mind that, despite the fact that Mega Evolutions are very strong in countering Legendary items, it is quite acceptable to create a composition of counteraction without them. Spending some Candy, Stardust and TM may be required for players who want to make sure they have the strongest lineup.

The best Groudon Counters (June 2022)

Coaches who don’t have the collection needed to create a counter list based on the suggestions above aren’t exactly lucky. If so, just stick with the best available water and grass type Pokemon and be careful to enter the battle raid with enough other trainers to avoid defeat. Groudon has many great uses in the current PoGO meta game, so the time spent getting a few encounters should be worth the effort for players who are planning a lot more raids in the near future.

The middle of June is fast approaching, and players should learn more about what else the Go Season has to offer once the July events and battle raid lists are published. Be sure to come back soon to learn more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news and updates. In the meantime, good luck, coach!

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.