Pokemon GO teases the appearance of new ultra-monsters


Pokemon GO continues to be a popular mobile spin-off of the franchise that allows players to go outside and catch their favorite creatures in the real world. Although the game has been hit hard by various factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon GO still hosts regular events. This is beneficial for those players who prefer or can only play the game remotely. There will be another event this weekend, this time featuring the long-awaited addition, Ultra Beasts.

Ultra—monsters are a special group of Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, where their strange design and extra-spatial existence set them apart compared to other Pokemon. It was announced that Ultra Beasts will appear in Pokemon GO in early June at the Pokemon GO Fest, which showcased creatures such as Buzzswole and Phermomosa, which will appear in a mobile spin-off. A recent tweet from the official Pokemon GO account confirms when players will be able to get hold of these creatures.

This teaser is designed as a series of short horror films in which Pokemon GO players encounter Ultra-monsters around the world. This includes players from Japan, the USA and Germany who have different videos in which live action elements are combined with 3D Pokemon models. For example, one unlucky player finds Nikhilego (codenamed UB-01 Symbiont) on the streets of Shibuya, which is later accosted by their swarm. The end of the video teaser shows that players will be able to catch these creatures this weekend, starting on August 28 at 10:00 local time.

Other elements of this teaser showcase some of the Ultra-Monsters that will appear in Pokemon GO, presenting these situations in a more terrifying light if these creatures end up in the real world, not just in the ARG video game. One of these videos shows Bazzwal, whose imposing beetle-like physique lands in front of a man recording footage, while one man in Japan is facing a power outage due to the invasion of Xurkitree.

This isn’t the first time the Pokemon series has dabbled in a horror story with found footage, as previous Pokemon Legends: Arceus teasers have played up this concept by revealing new Pokemon. The presentation works incredibly well for Ultra Beasts, however, given their mysterious origins and how creepy some of the designs and knowledge behind Ultra Beasts can be. Fans highly appreciated the use of this image in these teasers, many found it suitable for the upcoming event.

Pokemon GO is now available for mobile devices.


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