Pokémon GO TCG Ultra Rare & Secret Rare Leak Ahead of Release


Ultra and Secret Rare cards for the joint Pokémon card game with Pokémon GO leaked online before the release of the set. Niantic first announced the crossover expansion in 2021 with the Pokémon GO Professor Willow TCG card, which was issued as a promotional item in the Pokémon Center store. After a delay and months of waiting, the Pokémon GO TCG set is finally getting ready for release this summer. However, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare TCG expansion cards were discovered on the internet at an early stage after a leak before its launch.

The Pokémon GO TCG set is officially released on Friday, July 1, and will be launched with a setlist of about 100 Pokemon cards. Since this is a special kit similar to Shining Fates 2021, players will have to buy product kits as Pokémon GO TCG packs will not be sold individually. The Summer TCG expansion will feature many iconic characters from Pokémon GO, including the game’s team leaders Candela, Blanche and Spark. However, the star of the set is the long-awaited Pokemon cards Shiny Radiant Pokémon, which will feature Charizard, Blastose and Venusaurus from Kanto Starters.

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The collaboration kit also includes a variety of Ultra Rare, Hidden Rare and Secret Rare cards, which were completely leaked online on July 16. The popular TCG PokeGuardian website announced the opening of the cards on Twitter and included images of new Pokemon cards. Red and Blue Kanto Legendary 1st generation Mewtwo will receive several secret rare cards, including cards with an alternative pattern, gold and rainbow variants. The popular mythical Pokemon of the 7th generation Melmetal also appears as a hidden rare rainbow card in the Pokémon GO TCG supplement.

There are a total of 22 secret rare and ultra-rare cards that players will be able to collect in the summer release of the CCI. Below is the complete setlist of each secret rare, hidden rare and ultra rare card presented in the Pokémon GO TCG supplement.

Alolan Exeggutor V (Secret Rare)Mewtwo V (Secret Rare)Mewtwo V (Secret Rare alternative art)Conkeldurr V (Secret Rare)Conkeldurr V (secret rare alternative art)Melmetal V (Secret Rare)Dragonite V (Secret Rare)Slaking V Secret RareCandela (Secret Rare)Spark (Secret Rare)Professor’s Research Professor Willow (Secret Rare)Blanche (Secret Rare)Mewtwo VSTAR (Hidden Rare Rainbow)Melmetal VMAX (Hidden Rare Rainbow)Dragonite VSTAR (Hidden Rare Rainbow)Candela (Hidden Rare Rainbow) Spark (hidden rare rainbow)Research Professor Professor Willow (hidden rare rainbow)Blanche (hidden rare rainbow)Mutu VSTAR (ultra rare gold)Egg Incubator (ultra rare gold)Bait Module (ultra rare gold)

To celebrate the release of the TCG crossover kit, Niantic is hosting a special in-game event at Pokémon GO, which will take place from June 16 to June 30 at 20:00 Moscow time. local time. Players who take part will be able to catch the Pokemon featured in the Summer TCG set. After the release of the Pokémon GO project, players can count on the next major expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which may be released at the end of July. The Sword and Shield Lost Origin TCG set was accidentally discovered at an early stage after a leak in the official Pokémon Center store.