Pokemon GO TCG Best Art-Art & Full Art Cards


The Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokémon GO supplement includes many cards with alternative and full illustrations that players will be able to receive when the Niantic crossover is released in July. To celebrate its sixth anniversary, Niantic has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to create a special TCG set dedicated to the mobile game. Initially, the collaboration was revealed in 2021 with the Pokémon GO Professor Willow TCG card. The Pokémon GO TCG expansion will also include many rare Full Art cards featuring popular characters and Pokemon from the Niantic game.

When the Pokémon GO TCG expansion is released on July 1, it will have a setlist of more than 101 cards, including rare Pokemon VMAX, VSTAR and Radiant. Many of its maps are based on elements and features from the Niantic mobile game, for example, the brand new Ditto map with the ability to detach. There will be stickers on special Pokemon cards that players will have to remove to reveal the hidden holographic Ditto card. The July set also includes the debut of the starting evolutions of Kanto Gen 1 Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur in the form of specially marked Pokémon GO TCG Radiant Pokémon cards. However, the star of the Niantic crossover is the numerous Full Art cards.

Full Art cards first debuted in the 2011 Black and White TCG supplement and completely changed the classic Pokémon card design created ten years earlier. In the 2017 “Sun and Moon” series, TCG’s rare collectible collection has been further developed thanks to the release of cards with an alternative pattern. In an even rarer version, detailed images of Pokemon in unique locations or in battles next to their trainers were presented. The popular card type will return in the Niantic joint expansion along with many other Full Art cards. Below is a list of the best alternative and complete illustrations of Pokémon GO TCG expansion cards.

Pokémon GO TCG Mewtwo V card with an alternative pattern

One of the rarest cards in the Pokémon GO KKI set is the Mewtwo V card with an alternative pattern. The Pokémon map shows an incredibly full art Mutu floating against the background of a city skyscraper. The psychic-type legend has a powerful Transfer Break ability that can deal more than 160 damage to an enemy in just three energies.

A Mutu with an alternative pattern is a likely candidate to become the most valuable Pokémon GO TCG card, since it depicts one of the most popular legendary cards in the series with a unique full design. Since Pokémon GO TCG is not the main extension of TCG, there are only two cards with alternative illustrations in its small setlist. As a result, the red and blue card of the legendary Pokemon Mutu Kanto is also one of the rarest collectibles.

Pokémon GO TCG Team Leaders Secret Rare Rainbow Cards

In Pokémon GO, players join one of three game factions: Team Mystic, Team Instinct or Team Valor. This mechanic allows players to team up with other players from the same team to take over gyms and score points. It is notorious that the groups are led by the leaders of the Pokémon GO teams Candela, Blanche and Spark.

The three leaders will debut with Pokémon cards as Full Art Trainer cards in the Pokémon GO TCG set. Since these are secret rare variants, Candela, Blanche and Spark have a beautiful Rainbow holographic print. Pokémon GO players won’t want to miss out on these Full Art cards, as it’s the perfect way to celebrate the team they’ve joined in the Niantic mobile game.

Full Pokémon GO TCG Dragonite V Art Map

In the red and blue versions of the first generation Pokemon in Kanto, Dragonite was one of the most popular non-legendary Pokemon. The favorite dragon type appears in Pokémon GO TCG as a rare VSTAR card. However, his version of the Full Art V card is one of the most beautiful works of art in the supplement.

A rare Pokémon GO TCG card, developed by an experienced Pokemon artist 5ban Graphics, depicts a Dragonite flying in front of a green-blue starry sky. Like the alternative art of Mutu, Dragonite has a powerful attack that can be activated in just three energies. The incredible design of the 1st generation Pokemon will make this card one of the most popular cards in the expansion of the Niantic crossover.

Full Pokémon GO TCG Melmetal VMAX Art Map

In Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, players could get Pokémon GO Mythical Meltan and its Melmetal evolution using special mechanics. The legendary one could appear in a mobile game with a Mystery Box item, which was given out for free to players who traded between Pokémon GO and Let’s Go games on the Nintendo Switch.

The famous mythical Pokemon of the 7th generation is one of the few VMAX cards of the Pokémon GO TCG expansion, which makes it very rare. The Melmetal Collectible Collection is not only a VMAX card, but also a work of art depicting the Mythical Pokemon in its epic Gigantmax form.