Pokémon GO – Strange Eggs 12 km: all Pokémon available


We review all the Pokémon that we can get with the arrival of these new types of Eggs. Larvitar, Scraggy, Trubbish, Vullaby, and more.

One of the main novelties of this week in Pokémon GO is the arrival of a new type of Eggs with a hatching distance of 12 km. Unlike before, where the most difficult required 10 km, we now have a new category, Strange Eggs, which come from the hand of the new research event focused on Team GO Rocket: “An interesting novelty”. Let’s meet all the Pokémon available in the 12 km Eggs.

Date and characteristics: how to get Strange Eggs 12 km

The first thing to keep in mind is that a new event is activated this October 12 at 22:00 (CEST) that will last until Tuesday, October 19 at 07:00 (CEST) in which a series of Pokémon will appear with more often in the wild and we can complete the “An Interesting Novelty” event. Furthermore, throughout the week the Eggs (regardless of distance) will require only a quarter of a distance to hatch; that is, 25% of normal.

To get a Strange Egg of 12 km we have to defeat a Team GO Rocket leader. Upon receiving the Egg (it is essential to have free space in the Egg inventory) we will have to use an incubator or super incubator and walk the required distance for the resulting Pokémon to appear.

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