Pokémon GO stops running old Android and iOS phones


Developer Niantic Labs announced a new major update to the Pokémon GO mobile phenomenon for October. The bad news is that, along with the news, the game will stop working on some older phones.

The game will stop operating on models with Android 5 (Lollipop) or lower, in addition to Apple devices with iOS 10 and iOS 11. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 devices will be affected.

This means that trainers will no longer have access to Pokémon GO itself, nor use or consult items and Poké Coins on that device. To access the profile again, simply login to another device. If the game continues to work on a model that should have lost support, the company is not responsible for any bugs or technical problems.

According to the developer’s blog post, the 0.189 update will be released “in mid-October” 2020. There are no details on what content will be added – recently, players have been given the option to use Mega Evolutions.

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