Pokemon GO: special research tasks and awards in the style of rock and roll


The Roggenroll Community Day in Pokemon GO is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 18, and players have several ways to participate in this event. For example, there is an exclusive special research story, called “Rock and Roll“, for fans. However, players will need to invest some real money to unlock a Special Rock and Roll Study in Pokemon GO, and they can use this guide to determine if its rewards justify the financial investment.

As a brief explanation, fans who eventually decided that they would like to complete a special RoggenrolaCommunity Day study should turn their attention to the store, which can be accessed through the app. In this store, PoGO players will find a ticket worth $ 0.99, and it is he who opens the Story of a special study.

Pokemon GO: special research tasks and awards in the style of rock and roll
Step 1

Turn on 10 Pokemon (15x Poke Ball) Catch 15 Rogenrola (meeting with Rogenrola) Make 5 good throws (20x Rogenrola Candy)

Rewards for completing Step 1: 2000 stardust, meeting with Roggenrola, 1 star figure.

Step 2

Catch 15 Roggenrolls (30 Roggenroll candies) Transfer 10 Pokemon (meeting with Boldor) Evolve 3 Roggenrolls (10x Pinup Berry)

Rewards for completing Step 2: 1500 XP, meeting with Roggenrola, 1 star.

Step 3

Make 3 great Curveball Throws (50 Rogenrola candies) Develop 1 Boldore (1 lucky egg) Move 10 Pokemon (15x Great Ball)

Reward for completing Step 3: 2500 XP, 1 missile radar 15 Ultra Ball.

Step 4

Reward for receiving (2x Silver Pinap Berry) Reward for receiving (meeting with Roggenrola) Reward for getting (3500 XP)

Step 4. Rewards for passing: 3000 stardust, meeting with gigalites, 3 rare candies.

It is noteworthy that this special study is very similar to the special research stories that were presented at the July and August community days dedicated to Starly and Zigzagoon, respectively. In fact, the tasks in “Rock and Roll” are identical to the tasks that made up the “Stories of Special Research” from the recent Days of the PoGO community, although this time Roggenrola takes center stage. However, the awards have been slightly changed, and some fans will surely feel that these are changes for the better.

In particular, the Roggenrola Community Day Special Study awards two star pieces instead of two incense that were awarded as part of special research stories from the Starly and Zigzagoon Community Days. For the uninitiated, Star Pieces in Pokemon GO provide a temporary increase in the speed of obtaining Stardust, which makes them useful for players who want to strengthen Pokemon and make an exchange. Although this change is not particularly significant, it may increase the interest of some fans in buying a September Community Day ticket.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.


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