Pokémon Go Snapshot Not Working on iPhone


Pokémon Go Snapshot not working on iPhone is a rather common and annoying problem, here is how to fix it. Follow each step, if you miss one you will still not work for you.

Pokémon Go Snapshot not working on iPhone: How to Fix The Problem

1. Open the app

Start your app or if you have it open already close it, wait 10-12 seconds and then start it up again.

2. Click the Pokéball Icon

Once your game has loaded on your iOS device, click the Pokéball icon that appears in the middle of the display screen for the game.

3. Click on the Pokémon Icon

After you have clicked on the Pokéball, click on the Pokémon icon which will in turn take you to the menu where you will see all your captured Pokémon. Then select the one that you would like to take a snapshot of.

4. Check Your Settings

Once you select the Pokémon, you want to swipe up and switch over to your iPhone Settings menu, and swipe down till you see your Pokémon Go app to see if you granted the app access to your camera.

5. Return to The Game

If you granted Pokémon Go permission to use your camera, return to the game and proceed to take a Snapshot of your Pokémon, you could even give it a little pose if you want.

By following these five simple steps you and your Pokémon will be able to create photos that last a lifetime. If you want, be sure to shop Pokémon Go products on Amazon.


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