Pokémon Go Snapshot does not work on iPhone


Pokémon Go Snapshot not working on your iPhone? This is a fairly common and annoying problem, here we explain how to fix it

Niantic announced a new photography feature for Pokemon GO last year that is currently available on Android and iOS devices. With Go Snapshot users can put a Pokémon from their collection in the real world for free with the help of the phone’s AR camera and take pictures with them at any time.

However, Pokémon Go Snapshot usually has some problems on iPhone, and here we will tell you how to solve it, but not before reviewing the steps to take a photo with your favorite Pokémon.

Take AR photos with GO Snapshot

To take an AR photo of a Pokémon you’ve caught, find it in your Pokémon menu and tap the Camera button:

You can also go to your Bag, select the Camera item, and then choose a Pokémon:

If you are not using AR +, your Pokémon will be placed in your environment automatically. But when using AR +, slowly move your camera across a flat, open surface (such as the floor or a table). Yellow flashes and footsteps will appear once your device has successfully detected your surroundings. Tap where you see steps to place your Pokémon on the surface.

Now you can move around to find the best angles for your photography. There are a few things you can do to position your Pokémon for a good portrait:

Tap your Pokémon once and they will strike a pose.
Touch and rub your Pokémon and it will turn to your current position.
Use the button in the lower left corner to retrieve your Pokémon and place them back in a different position.

When you’re ready, tap the camera button to take your GO snapshot. The photos are saved in the memory of your device, even if you take several.

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Tap the exit button in the top left corner and you’ll see a gallery of her photos from that shoot.

Pokémon Go Snapshot not working on iPhone

Follow these steps to fix the Pokémon Go Snapshot problem on iPhone:

Open the app

Start your application or, if you already have it open, close it, wait 10 to 12 seconds and start it again.

Click on the Pokéball icon.

Once the mobile game has loaded onto your iOS device, click on the Pokéball icon that appears in the middle of the game screen.

Click on the Pokémon icon.

Once you’ve clicked on the Pokéball, click on the Pokémon icon which, in turn, will take you to the menu where you will see all your captured Pokémon. Then select the one you would like to photograph.

Check your settings

Once you select the Pokémon, you need to swipe up and switch to your iPhone’s Settings menu, and swipe down until you see your Pokémon Go app to see if you’ve given your camera access to the app.

Come back to the game

If you gave Pokémon Go permission to use your camera, return to the game and proceed to take a snapshot of your Pokémon, you could even strike a small pose if you want.

By following these five easy steps, you and your Pokémon can create photos that will last a lifetime.


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