Pokemon Go retracts some changes from COVID-19


Some changes from COVID-19 were made for Pokemon Go in the spring and summer. With these changes, it was aimed to facilitate the participation of the players in the game. The developer of the game, Niantic Labs, announced that some of these temporary bonuses will remain active, but most will be withdrawn by 1 October.

In April, it was possible for players to collect gifts from nearby PokeStops without leaving their homes. Now this will only be allowed per day, and this will depend on the low battery charge of the players’ phones. While the distance to walk to hatch the eggs is raised back to the previous level, the effect of the incense that attracts Pokemon will only increase while walking.

The developers of the game introduced these as features that encourage increased activity and movement. With the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions in many parts of the world, Pokemon Go’s developers seem to have chosen to return to the game’s originality.

However, this return to the past does not seem to have made all players happy. Some players have called on Niantic through social media to reconsider the decision.

Changes caused by COVID-19, which will continue to be valid after October 1 for Pokemon Go, are listed as follows:

  • The maximum number of gifts that can be carried in the bag will again be 20.
  • Triple Stardust and XP will be earned for the first Pokemon caught each day.
  • The incense time will again be 60 minutes.
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