Pokemon GO Releases New Partner Research for Verizon Customers


This summer has been busy for the popular mobile game Pokemon GO. In fact, the game has just emerged from the Go Fest Finale after a long summer return to personal events with stops in Seattle, Washington, Berlin, Germany, and Sapporo, Japan. These events featured Ultra Beasts for the first time, although all four of them were assembled at the Finale event so that fans outside of personal events could catch them with special raids.

This week also saw the start of the Season of Light, which brought all sorts of new content to Pokemon GO over the next few months. Players can start a new special research quest called “Space Companion”, which may eventually lead Pokemon GO fans to rumors about the addition of Solgaleo and Lunala. Along with the new season, Niantic has also just announced a new partnership with Verizon, offering special rewards for customers and the opportunity to catch more Pokemon.

Starting today and until November 30, eligible Verizon Wireless customers in the United States can receive a special Partner Research ticket by visiting the Rewards Center in the My Verizon app on a mobile device. After the code is redeemed, the partner study will appear in the game in the “Today” menu and will offer Pokemon GO players to complete various tasks and tasks. Keep in mind that this offer is only for players from the USA who are eligible for the Verizon program. In addition, only one code can be used per telephone line.

Completing research tasks will give Pokemon GO players rewards and resources such as XP, Stardust, 100 Mega Energy for Gengar, as well as items such as Incubator, Poffin, Lucky Egg and more. However, Pokemon can also appear as rewards, and Niantic highlights Gengar Clamperl, Pawniard and Espurr. Not only that, lucky players can also come across rare, shiny versions of Espurr, Clamperl or Gengar.

While fans have plenty of time to get awards from Verizon Partner Research, Niantic is lining up Season of Light to be full of stuff. The legendary Pokemon Cosmog Nebula will become an important part of the journey and seasonal research. Although the raid schedule is still a mystery, Iveltal and Deoxis will be available again in five-star events at the beginning and end of the month. Various time-limited events will also take place during September, including Psychic Spectacular from 6 to 12, Test Your Broom from 16 to 21 and Fashion Week at the end of the month, starting from September 27.

Pokemon GO has already been released for iOS and Android mobile devices.


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