Pokémon GO Receives Legendary Pokémon X / Y Next Week


Pokémon GO: Expanding the list of creatures available in Pokémon GO, Niantic revealed that the month of May marks the debut of more monsters found in the Kalos region, used in Pokémon X / Y, in the mobile title.

According to an official statement from Niantic, the kickoff will be with the Luminous Legends X event, bringing more Dragon and Fairy creatures like Spritzee, Swirlix and Goomy. There will also be an increase in the appearance of creatures of this type from May 4 to 17 in the wild, as well as Xerneas’ debut in five-star Raids.

Also mentioned was the launch of a new Attract Module (Rainy), which will be responsible for helping the evolution of creatures like Sliggoo to Goodra and attracting monsters of the Water, Insect and Electric type. In addition, we will also have different opponents in Raids, such as Galarian Ponyta, Exeggutor de Alolan and others, in addition to exclusive field research related to the event.

Global action

Continuing the Pokémon GO festivities, Niantic also said that from 4 to 11 May there will be a global event in which players from around the world can cooperate in capturing fairy-like creatures. If the goal of 500 million catches is met, everyone will receive a triple experience bonus for the remainder of that period, in addition to anticipating Pancham’s debut in the game and increasing the chances of getting Galarian Ponyta in the brilliant version.


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