Pokémon GO Postpones Okinawa Pikachu Event, Without Saying Why


Pokémon GO: Pikachu ready to vacation in Okinawa wearing a flowered shirt can’t be part of your Pokémon GO collection yet. Niantic, the game’s developer, said in the app’s official Twitter account that the special event was postponed “due to recent developments”, without going into details.

The campaign is a collaboration with Pokémon Air Adventures, the airline that offers planes stamped with Pokémon. In addition to Okinawa’s Pikachu, it would also be possible to capture a shiny Corsola in the region. The event was scheduled to start on July 22, the Thursday of next week, and no new date has been released now that it has been postponed.

Although the tweet does not clearly mention the reason, what is speculated is that they gave in to criticism and concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Japan faces a new wave of coronavirus infections that has prompted Tokyo to declare its fourth state of emergency, which runs until 22 August. In addition, the Olympics, which will be held in the city, will not receive spectators so they can happen more safely.

Okinawa is somewhat removed from the rest of the country and may not suffer as much from what happens on the main island. But anyway, it would be very “bad seen” to hold an event especially dedicated to attracting tourists while so many fellow countrymen are still facing problems brought on by the pandemic.