Pokemon GO Players are unhappy with the Fossil Cup


In general, the “cup” events in Pokemon GO were well received by the community due to their unique restrictions and rules. For example, Pokemon GO’s Catch Cup further stimulated Pokemon GO Fest event players by allowing them to use the Pokemon they caught at the events to compete with others who did the same.

However, this cannot be said about one of the Pokemon GO events in June 2022, known as the Fossil Cup. Now, based on the name alone, many would assume that the rules of the event simply allow only fossil Pokemon to participate, and thus players will have a fairly limited and well-balanced list regardless of their choice.

However, instead, the only rule for including Pokemon in an event is that they have one type of stone, water, and steel. This means that not only Pokemon that are not fossils are allowed to participate in the event, but they can also be of almost any type if they have one of the three required types. This means that the fossil Pokemon Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022 is likely to be practically not included in the event due to the water and steel type Pokemon that will obviously be presented.

They must be extinct. from pokemongo

A fan on Reddit created a meme that perfectly describes the problems associated with allowing non-diggable Pokemon into the bowl, as well as two types that are very effective against the Stone. The meme specifically mentions one of the previous Pokemon GO raid bosses, Regil, who is a very strong steel type in the game. Because of his strong defense and his super effective attacks against stone types, he is sure to dominate any fossil Pokemon he encounters.

The same goes for water-type Pokemon, which also have super-efficient typing compared to stone types. According to other Reddit users, the water/earth type Swampert from Pokemon GO was also an easy choice for the event, as it resisted both stone and steel types. Again, although this would normally be a reasonable strategic decision for players, together with Registeel it overshadowed the theme and meaning of the event: using fossil Pokemon. Thus, the community criticizes Niantic for this choice of rules, since players who try to use a full team of fossil Pokemon are likely to lose to stronger matchups.

Although this event has been spoiled in the eyes of many players, we hope that Niantic will learn from the mistake and make the next Fossil Cup only fossils. While this may also lead to another problem with players choosing only the best Pokemon for their team, at least it will be a fun themed event that puts fossil Pokemon in the foreground rather than secondary.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.