Pokémon GO: players are getting a 7-day ban in a row


Pokémon GO: Recently, information from some Pokémon GO players who are receiving seven-day bans on their accounts on a regular basis has even reached the network, even after an original deadline has expired.

While some say they are innocent of these punishments, others claim they deserved it for using a program that goes against community guidelines. However, as soon as this suspension ends, another one begins – which generates an endless cycle that, for some, has been underway for almost a month.

“In early March, I received a ban for using software that is not allowed. I took the blame because I actually tried something to make a Lucky Exchange with someone else. Since then, I’m still banned from the game and I’m already in the fourth sequence. I am afraid that my account will be deleted ”, a player revealed to the Eurogamer website.

“My account was recently marked with a seven-day ban, and I patiently waited for that time to pass. I followed the standard procedure of making an appeal (on the second ban), but all I got was an automatic response. I replied to the e-mail, but I am still waiting for a return ”, revealed another player.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent guidelines, Niantic made a change in its punishment policy and increased the Pokémon GO removal to 30 days in case of recurring cheaters (in the second offense). However, so far, it has not commented on the case of this specific group.


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