Pokemon GO Player Has Finally Completed a Special Research Assignment After 2 Years


A player of the Pokemon GO mobile video game recently shared that he finally completed one of the Special Research tasks in the game after two whole years. Given that some special Pokemon GO tasks sometimes require unique factors or more time to complete, it’s not surprising that a player expresses excitement about completing them after such a long period of time.

Most of the special research tasks in Pokemon GO are available in the player’s game forever after they are unlocked or until they are completed. However, some special research tasks are blocked by factors such as the level of the Pokemon GO player or the ability to buy a ticket to an event such as Pokemon GO Fest, GO Tour or Safari Zone. With so many things to do and a lot of events happening on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that fans are putting off completing a task that will still be there, no matter how long the player goes into the game.

According to Redditor Obese-Boy, they were able to complete the specific task of a special Pokemon GO study after two long years. The task required the player to interact with Pokemon GO Pokestop for seven consecutive days. This is usually done by rotating an in-game feature when the player is nearby. While this may seem simple to most players who leave their homes daily, it may seem more difficult to others who are more home-bound. A screenshot shared by Redditor showed that the special research task they performed is part of the Pokemon GO A Thousand-Year Slumber storyline, where players will be able to meet and catch the mythical Pokemon Jirachi.

Finally forced myself to spin pokestops 7 days in a row after 2 years with Pokemongo

Other Pokemon GO players in the Reddit thread gave their answers, sharing their experience of performing special research tasks in the game and how much time it took to complete them. Some even said that they had only recently completed the same task and finally got their own version of Jirachi from Pokemon GO. Others also noted that Obese-Boy still has other special research tasks to complete, especially those that require them to interact with Pokestop for 30 consecutive days.

There are many other interesting special research tasks in Pokemon GO, and it’s likely that the community will need some time to complete them all. Fortunately, these special challenges aren’t going anywhere, and Pokemon GO players can take their time enjoying the game’s other features before finally proceeding to complete them.

Pokemon GO is already available on Android and iOS.


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