Pokémon Go Outlines Improved Anti-Fraud Measures


Niantic, the creators of Pokémon GO, have announced new anti-fraud measures that will be introduced to eliminate violations of the terms of service. Despite the fact that Pokémon GO is still popular among millions of players, it has suffered a number of setbacks recently. This included rolling back changes made during the Covid-19 pandemic that promoted accessibility for players, as well as a widespread problem with fraud.

Although cheating can cause problems for other players, the first forms of cheating in Pokémon GO were fan applications designed to fix many of the game’s early bugs and glitches. One of these fan apps, Pokévision, fixed a buggy version of Nearby Tracker in Pokémon GO. However, since then, serious fraud and bots have become a problem, which by mid-2017 had reached an alarming level. In 2020, Niantic has made significant efforts to combat fraud by investing in new technologies to find and punish those responsible. Unfortunately, these efforts often affected innocent players, blocking the accounts of numerous Pokemon fans.

According to GamesRadar+, Niantic’s official press release describes the company’s new and improved anti-fraud measures for Pokémon GO. Niantic solves the most important problems, stating that progress has been made in more effectively identifying real scammers. “Our last post was mainly dedicated to sharing a general overview of the actions we have taken to punish accounts that we found to have cheated on several Niantic games,” Niantic said. “Since then, we have invested in better tracking cheating behavior, and can now more reliably detect these actions with higher speed and accuracy, preventing the wrong punishment of legitimate players.” As Niantic is better at detecting scammers, the company is also taking steps to strengthen enforcement in all of its games and is currently taking action against a number of accounts that have violated the company’s rules. only the first step in enforcing its new system, and promised to “punish [scammers] on an ongoing and ongoing basis, not in waves as we have done in the past.”

While we hope that Niantic’s latest anti-fraud measures will be for the better, Pokémon GO is still facing many challenges at the moment. Even after seven years, the game has problems with stability, which affects paid events for many players. Many also believe that the game has become too dependent on microtransactions, and although Niantic has solved this problem by holding small events rewarding players with various items, most of the best game content is hidden behind paid access. In addition, Niantic continues to change the functioning of key items and events, as recent changes in the time of the Pokémon GO Community Day, the duration of the appearance of incense and access to a remote raid pass negatively affect players. This choice of Niantic caused a negative reaction, not allowing many to fully participate in the gameplay.

While it is currently unclear what Niantic plans to do to help with Pokémon GO’s accessibility issues, the anti-fraud steps demonstrate a desire to improve the game. Hopefully, Niantic will also invest in solving other problems that burden Pokémon GO, ensuring that all players will be able to access what has made the app so popular in recent years.