Pokémon GO now allows you to see the possible Pokémon of each Egg and its rarity


Pokémon GO: Niantic reports on an update of which we already knew the first details weeks ago. Applies to Eggs obtained from now on.Niantic has confirmed that Pokémon GO the function to see the Pokémon available in each type of Egg as well as its rarity is now available. After anticipating how this new feature will work and the constant criticism towards the opacity of these video game loot boxes, the Eggs that we take from now on will already have this information visible.

How the new Pokémon GO Eggs feature works

From this moment, the Eggs that we obtain (not the ones we already had) will have the “hatchable Pokémon” tab. Broadly speaking, depending on its rarity, the candidate species will be presented as a result of hatching. In this way, although we do not know which exact Pokémon we will obtain until the shell is hatched, we will have the catalog of available creatures; a figure that can vary between more or less, depending on the rarity (there are Eggs of rarity 1 to 5).

This arrangement, determined by the percentage of appearance of each species, is inversely proportional, as in all the random mechanics of video games: the higher the rarity, the lower the probability that we will get the most difficult Pokémon.

Spring Event Complaints: Happiny with flower crown barely out

The Pokémon GO community has been demanding more transparency with the 2, 5, 7, 10 and 12 kilometer Eggs for years. Not knowing the percentage (there is no way to know), everything is governed by an unknown algorithm. We know that some creatures have a spawn rate of between 1% and 2%, which can leave us in scenarios where, after the hatching of more than 100 Eggs, we may not get the desired creature.

This is the situation that is taking place during the Spring Event of 2021, where Happiny with a flower crown, available in a limited way (between April 4 and 8) appears remotely; very governed by luck and very little by effort. There are those who have bought Incubators and Super Incubators to amortize the walks and open as many Eggs as possible with the same number of steps, but even with these alternatives it is not being easy to obtain this Happiny with a flower crown.

The criticism is derived, however, to how these difficulties incite or encourage uncontrolled spending in these Superincubators (200 coins; 1.98 euros at the exchange rate).

The new measure takes a step in the right direction, but it is known insufficient to respond to the demands of Pokémon GO players.


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