Pokemon GO: Mega Scizor Raid Guide (Best Counters and Weaknesses)


With the advent of Pokémon Go’s Bug Out! Event, players from all over the world can challenge Mega Scizor in Mega Raids at their local gyms from today until August 16. First introduced in the Pokémon Gold and Silver Generation II games, the Schizor is one of the latest forms in the Scyther evolutionary lineage and is part of a select group of Pokemon species capable of mega evolution. However, unlike many future Pokémon Go raid bosses, Mega Scizor has one major weakness that players can use to defeat him.

Mega-raids in Pokémon Go occur when mega-evolved Pokemon take over the gaming halls, forcing players to team up for the most intense high-stakes battles in the game. In turn, players can receive rewards, including Mega Energy, as well as the ability to add rare Pokemon to their Pokedexes, subjugating raid Pokemon in battle. Mega-raid bosses have unusually high combat power (CP), which requires players to team up with other Pokemon trainers. To start a raid, players first need to get raid passes, which are issued for free once a day when the Pokéstop discs are rotated.

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Mega Scizor is a dual Bug/Steel type, and it is very similar to Mega Abomasnow in Pokémon Go, which makes it extremely weak for fire-type Pokemon and movements. However, players should not count on an easy victory. In fact, this is the only weakness of Mega Scizor, and its typing gives it significant resistance to some of the most common types of Pokemon.

The best counters for Mega Scizor Mega Raid from Pokémon Go

Players should avoid using Pokemon-insects, dragons, fairies, grass, ice, ordinary, poisonous, psychic or steel Pokemon and movements, as Mega Schizor is resistant to these types. This complicates the situation for players accustomed to relying on the incredible impact force of Dragon-type Pokemon. Grass-type Pokemon will feel very bad, because both beetles and steel types are resistant to grass-type movements, and Mega Schizor has beetle-type movements that cause super-effective damage to grass-type Pokemon. Even legendary non-fire-type Pokemon, such as the recent Pokémon Go raid boss Palkia, should be avoided, as their attacks will only deal normal damage to the Mega Shizor. However, some powerful legendary Fire—type Pokemon are a great choice.:

Reshiram is a legendary Pokemon of dragon and fire types | Fire Fang and overheating. Moltres — fire and Flying | Fire Spin and Overheat Moves.Ho-Oh – Fire and Flying Type | Incineration and Movements of Sacred Fire. Hitran – fire and steel | Fiery rotation and flamethrower movements.

All of these legendary Pokemon have fire-type movement sets, and their typing ensures that they have sufficient resistance to the attacks of the Mega Schizor Beetle and Steel Type. However, given their rarity, they are probably the only options for long-time Pokémon Go players, although Moltres was available as recently as July as one of the July Pokémon Go raid bosses. For players who have not collected legendary Pokemon, other Pokemon are also suitable:

Blaziken – Fire and Combat type | Fire Spin and Blast Burn MovesCandelure — ghostly and fiery | Fiery rotation and overheating. Darmanitan — Fire Type | Fire Fang and Overheat Moves.Emboar – fire and combat | Ember and Blast Burn Moves

It is more difficult for players to get Blaziken, Emboar and Chandelure, since all three are the final forms of the corresponding evolutionary lines. Thus, 125 candies are needed for their full evolution, and their collection may take some time. The use of Pinap Berries, which increases the amount of candy earned when catching Pokemon, is highly recommended for quickly obtaining a large amount of candy.

All of these Pokemon will succeed against the Mega Skizor, given their resistance to Bugs and Steel Types, as well as their Fire-type movement sets with high damage. However, the upcoming Mega Raids Pokémon Go will feature Pokemon such as Mega Slowbro and Mega Ampharos, neither of which shares Mega Scizor’s weakness for fire types. Thus, players will need to focus on collecting new teams with a variety of types and sets of movements.


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