Pokemon GO: Mega Ampharos Raid Guide | Counters and weaknesses


Legendary and Mega Battle Raids offer Pokemon GO players a chance to earn some of the best rewards in the form of experience points, powerful items and encounters with very important Pokemon. Although mega raids do not give players the opportunity to catch and save mega Pokemon, they provide a fast path to mega Energy, which is a resource that makes future combat raids much easier and opens up some exciting counter list opportunities.

Players who want to fight a Mega Boss, such as Mega Ampharos, need to spend some time preparing by studying the weaknesses of Mega Pokemon and forming a strategic counter list. When it comes to Mega Ampharos, this will mean using its unique dual pairing of electric and dragon types and creating a counter list full of the best Fairy, land and ice type Pokemon available in Pokemon GO.

Mega Ampharos is not the most difficult boss of a Mega Raid, but this does not mean that he will be a trifle. Trainers still need to take the time to consider the creature’s weaknesses, prepare the right moves, and bring in enough allies to ensure a solid victory. Trainers may want to take some time to spend a few elite TM’s before a big battle to equip their counter list with the best possible sets of moves.

Weaknesses of Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos is of the electric/dragon type and is weak against the movements of fairies, earth and ice.

Mega Amfaros Counters

Zekrom – Dragon’s Breath/Lawlessness Garchomp – Dragon’s Tail/Lawlessness Palkia – Dragon’s Tail/Meteor Draco Rakvaza – Dragon’s Tail/Lawlessness Haxorus – Dragon’s Tail/Dragon’s Claw Dialga – Dragon’s Breath/Meteor Draco Salamens – Dragon’s Tail/Meteor Draco Reshiram – Dragon’s Breath /Draco Meteor Dragonite – Dragon Tail/Outrage Groudon – Dragon Tail/Earthquake

As always, trainers should remember that it is possible to defeat this Mega Battle Raid boss even without the best of the tokens listed here. To succeed, the main thing that coaches need to do is to assemble a team full of the best sets of movements available to them such as “Fairy”, “Earth” and “Ice”. As long as the group uses the weaknesses of Mega Ampharos, they will be able to achieve victory. Keep in mind that friendship bonuses and weather bonuses can help add the extra bundle needed to really cross the finish line with smaller groups. In order not to take risks, trainers should try to take at least three or four allies with them, who also use the appropriate counter-strategy.

Don’t forget to check out even more Pokemon GO guides, news and updates in the near future. In the meantime, good luck, coach!

Pokemon GO is now available in some regions on mobile devices.


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