Pokémon GO: Mega Ampharos Raid Guide (Best counters and Weaknesses)


Mega Ampharos, the mega form of Ampharos and the latest evolution of the Marip family, is a raid boss in Pokémon GO, which is scheduled to appear in augmented reality gyms from Thursday, August 25, to Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Although he looks harmless. With cute features like a cotton candy-style tail and dango-like horns, this pocket monster is exceptionally strong, has 55,876 CP, 244 ATK stats, and 172 defense. Therefore, it is important that trainers understand this Pokémon GO Raid boss’s weaknesses and counteraction before trying to confront him in battle.

Mega Ampharos is an electric and dragon—type Pokemon with high resistance to electric movements and strong against flying, steel, fire, water and grass attacks. On the other hand, his dual element characteristics make him vulnerable to the abilities of Earth, Ice, Dragon and Fairy. Accordingly, those who seek to get the best results from their Mega Raid are recommended to assemble a group of Pokemon that provide these four counteracting elements in their sets of movements.

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To counter Mega Ampharos in Pokémon GO, the best choice will be legendary and shadow Pokemon, such as Mega Latios, Shadow Dragonite, Shadow Salamens, Mega Latias and Shadow Latios. Each of these monsters will deal optimal damage to Mega Ampharos if it is equipped with dragon-type attacks. Dragon’s Breath, Dragon’s Claw, Dragon’s Tail and Outrage are fast and energetic techniques that trainers should choose for the best result in a fight in Pokémon GO.

How to defeat Mega Ampharos in the Pokémon GO Raid

Let’s assume that some trainers don’t have the powerful legendary or shadow monsters mentioned above. In this case, there are plenty of standard Pokemon that they can use to defeat Mega Ampharos in a Pokémon GO raid. Below is a small list of top-level pocket monsters that you can take with you on a Mega raid, broken down by type:

The Best Dragon Type Counters for Mega Ampharos

Garchomp — Type: Dragon and Earth | Best set of techniques — “Fast Reception: Dragon Tail”, “Charged Reception: OutrageSalamence” — Type: “Dragon and Flight” | Best set of techniques — Fast Move: Dragon Tail, Charged Move: Outrage

The Best ground-type counters for Mega Ampharos

Rhyperior — Type: Earth and Stone | Best Set of Movements — Fast movement: Mud Slap, Charged movement: Earthquake Drill — Type: Earth and Steel | Best Set of Techniques — Fast reception: Mud Slap, Charged reception: Training Run

The Best Ice Type Counters for Mega Ampharos

Mamoswine — Type: Ice and earth | The best set of techniques in Pokémon GO – Quick reception: Mud slap, Charged reception: Avalanche Galarian Darmanitan — Type: Ice | The best set of techniques — “Quick reception: Ice fang”, “Charged reception: avalanche”.

The Best fairy-tale counters for Mega Ampharos

Gardevoir — Type: Fairy and Psychic | Best Set of Movements — Fast Movement: Charm, Charged Movement: Dazzling Shine, Sylveon — Type: Fairy | Best Set of Techniques — Fast Move: Charm, Charged Move: Dazzling Gleam


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