Pokemon GO: Mega Aggron Raid Guide | Counters and weaknesses


Anyone who has been playing Pokemon GO for at least a few months should be well aware of how important it is to carefully prepare a strategy before jumping into a combat raid. The Battle Raid system in the game requires spending a Raid Pass for each battle, which means that players who waste precious resources on unsuccessful attempts are wasting a very useful item that is not easy to constantly get without spending real money.

To succeed in a Pokemon GO combat raid, especially in a more complex one such as legendary and megabits, trainers must be familiar with the boss’s weaknesses and potential counters. When it comes to a boss like Mega Aggron, that means carefully planning a list of oncoming Pokemon that exploit his weakness for fire, combat, and ground-type movement sets.

Fortunately, there are a few things fans can do to prepare for such a big battle as Mega Aggron. First, they will want to look through this list of counters and try to see which Pokemon in their collection can be assembled into a viable list of counters. Once this step is completed, they may want to spend some Stardust, Candy and Elite TM to strengthen this group of Pokemon to respectable CP with the most reliable sets of moves for each option.

Weaknesses of mega-aggron

As a Steel-type Pokemon, Mega Aggron is weak to fire, combat, and ground-type attacks.

The best mega-aggro counters

Terraquion – Double Blow/The Sacred Sword

Lucario – Counteraction/Aura Sphere

Conkeldurr – Counterattack/Dynamic strike

Garchomp – Mud Shot / The Power of the Earth

Excadrill – Mud/Earthquake

Landorus (Therian) – Mud Strike/Earthquake

Mashamp – Counter/Dynamic Strike

Groudon – Mudblast/Earthquake

Landorus – Mud Shot / The Power of the Earth

Landorus (Incarnation) – Mud Shot/The Power of the Earth

Breloom – Counter/Dynamic Strike

Kobalion – Double Blow/The Sacred Sword

Zapdos (Galarian) – Counter/Melee

Meloetta (Pirouette) – Low blow/Melee

Virizion – Double Blow/The Sacred Sword

When it comes to the battle with Mega Agrron, it would be wise to engage with a part of at least five trainers who all use strategic techniques. It won’t be the most difficult battle players have ever faced, but it definitely requires a cohesive group of players. As with any mega raid, players should remember that they are not actually going to add a Mega Aggron to their collection at the end of the battle. Instead, they will be rewarded with a collision with a regular Aggron and Mega Energy, which can be used to trigger a temporary Mega Evolution at some point in the future when it will be most useful.

Be sure to come back soon to find out more news, updates and Pokemon GO strategy guides. In the meantime, good luck, coach!

Pokemon GO is now available in some regions on Android and iOS devices.


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