Pokemon GO Launches a steel-type event


This week begins an event like Pokemon GO Steel from Niantic, which will make many changes to the mobile name of AR, for example, an overestimated speed of the appearance of Pokemon for printing and a new face in the game. The update may encourage former Pokemon GO players to return to the mobile game, especially if they have an affinity for Pokemon such as Aggron or Metagross.

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 ended at the end of August, and at this event, Gen 2 fans were able to capture the Unown Alphabet along with several Ultra Incursions in addition to a variety of items and powerups. In addition to major player events such as GO Fest, Community Day, and Kanto/Johto tours, Niantic also hosts smaller events such as Steel-type during the mobile game calendar year. Niantic has confirmed that the steel-type Pokemon GO event starts today and runs until September 27, giving Pokemon fans one week to benefit from the arrival of two Ultra Beasts, a mega upgrade of existing Pokemon, limited time exploration and more.

Celestila and Kartana are two Ultra—Monsters that have joined Pokemon GO rotation for a steel-type event, with Celestila appearing in five-star raids in the Southern Hemisphere, and Kartana appearing in raids of the same type in the Northern Hemisphere. Mega Aggron will also appear in raids during the event, while Togedemaru will make his Pokemon GO debut in random wild encounters and through hatching eggs. Other Pokemon that have increased the frequency of encounters during a Steel type event are Aron, Beldum, Bronzor, Drilbur, Ferroseed, Magnemite, Nosepass, Pineco, Prinplup and Galarian Stunfisk.

Pokemon GO raids will be changed during the steel type event to see more Beldum, Blade, Skeeter, Shildon and Togedemaru in one-star raids, and in two-star raids there will be more Lyron, Magneton, Mavail and Skarmori. Similar to the field research tasks of other events, the steel-type task will reward Scizor and Steelix Mega Energy players, as well as spawn Pokemon, such as those whose frequency of encounters increases. The recent patch also affected Pokemon eggs, which require seven kilometers of walking: Alolan Sandshrew and Diglett, Galarian Meowt and Stun-Fisk and Ryolu hatch more often than outside the event.

As several returning fans noted that the steel-type Pokemon GO event was encouraging them to return to the mobile game, several others responded to Niantic’s announcement on Twitter by sending friend requests accompanied by trainer codes. Some disappointed Pokemon GO players complained about the absence of Corviknight, Mega Lucario and Shiny Meltan during the limited-time event, but many more will appear in the future in the Niantic AR mobile game.

Pokemon GO is already available for Android and iOS.


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