Pokémon GO launches a new pack for 1 Pokécoin


Niantic makes it easy to access certain basic items for Pokémon catching areas. We go over the details of this batch of items for the game.

Niantic has included a new item pack in the Pokémon GO Internal Store for just 1 Pokécoin. Located along with the rest of the assortments with payment through the internal currency of the title, the Trainers of the game on iOS and Android can now get a total of 85 useful items for the capture process for just one Pokécoin. It can only be purchased once.

The content, which is a one-time purchase, includes a multitude of Poké Ball, Super Ball, Pinia Berry (to get more candies per capture) and Frambu Berries (to facilitate capture, especially recommended for elusive Pokémon) in exchange for that Pokécoin.

Berry Frambu – x15
Poké Ball – x30
Super Ball – x20
Pinia Berry – x20

Daily free pack still available; new in January for Pokémon GO

It should be remembered that Pokémon GO continues to have the daily free pack active, a lot that contains 3 Poké Balls and 1 Frambu Berry. This assortment, completely free for all Pokémon GO users, was established last spring due to mobility restrictions and home confinements resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. By making it difficult to access PokéStops and their corresponding Photodisks, the company facilitated access to these items so that everyone can try a capture at least once.

The news of Pokémon GO leaves us with the Hoenn Celebration Event, which starts this Tuesday, January 19; the arrival of Mega Ampharos to the game’s Mega Raids for a limited time, as well as the first details, date, and featured Pokémon for Community Day next February. Also, below we review all the Pokémon that we can obtain through the hatching of Eggs of 2, 5, 7, 10 and 12 km, which include species from all generations present in the game to date.


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