Pokémon GO: Jessie and James will leave the game soon


Team Rocket’s charismatic villains, Jessie and James, are leaving Pokémon GO soon, so here’s how to beat them in their latest wave.

Two of the most recognizable faces in the entire Pokémon franchise are Jessie and James, who belong to Team Rocket and are always up to the odd plan (usually including stealing creatures like the famous Pikachu). However, in Pokémon GO his role is somewhat different. In the Niantic mobile app we will be able to face them and obtain various rewards, so below we leave you detailed how to defeat them, in addition to remembering the date on which the couple will leave the game.

When are Jessie and James leaving Pokémon GO?

“It has come to our ears that Jessie and James are going to leave Pokémon GO on Wednesday, September 30 and that it seems they are preparing for one last wave of evil before their departure,” they comment from the game’s official blog. Therefore, the aforementioned event would look like this:

  • From Tuesday, September 22 at 00h (CEST) until. Wednesday, September 30 at 11:59 p.m. (local time in Spain).

The characteristics of this last wave are based on the fact that the Meowth Globe with Jessie and James will appear more frequently than usual. In this way, we will have more options than ever to face them and thus be able to get a dark Ekans and a Koffing. For now we do not know if they will return later, so we recommend you put the batteries and face them before the month ends and with it the departure of Jessie and James occurs.

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