Pokemon Go is the date for these phones!


Pokemon Go, one of the most popular mobile games of a period, will be the date for some smartphone models with an update in the future. Android 5.0 Lollipop, iOS10 and 11 users will not be able to play Pokemon. Here are smartphones that the game will not be played after the update!

Pokemon Go will be history for some smartphones!

According to Niantic, the producer of the game, with an update coming in October, phones using the Android 5.0 operating system, phones using iOS 10 and 11 and iOS 12 support, even though the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 will not support the game after the update.

In addition to the specified operating systems, as the reason for not being played on iPhone 5s and 6; Both smartphones have 1 GB of RAM and they think that this is not enough for the game.

When the producer thinks about the game every point, they admit that it is not as challenging as other games, but the game that needs 3D visuals, cameras, GPS tracking said they think it might consume a lot of battery on older phones.

They also explained that they think that the smartphones they have eliminated are a very small part of the daily active player base and therefore they will not suffer too much player loss. Of course, when looked by phone owners, they need to change their phones to play the game. This is a point that may cause problems for the user, and we can say that the people who quit the game will be.

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