Pokémon GO Introduces Shadow Latios in a New Special Study


A new special study in Pokémon GO allows players to rescue and catch Shadow Latios, and the story is a continuation of the previous events of this year. Pokémon GO players had a lot to do during 2022, including the Pokémon GO Fest in early summer and numerous personal and global events such as Community Days and Attention Hours. Players also had the opportunity to catch new versions of their favorite legendary Pokemon, including the recently added mega-forms of Latias and Latios.

Earlier this year, Pokémon GO introduced a special study related to the nefarious Team GO Rocket, in which players had to find Giovanni and defeat him in order to capture Shadow Latias. Team GO Rocket Grunts are often present in PokéStops or fly balloons over the player while exploring various areas, with each grunt having different shadow Pokemon to rescue and catch. However, a battle with Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni can give players a chance for a rare and powerful clash if they manage to defeat him.

A recent blog post published on PokémonGoLive revealed details of Team GO Rocket’s next sinister plot. Until the end of the long-term event “Seasons of Go” on September 1, 2022 at 10:00 local time, players can claim a new history of special research Team GO Rocket. Those who complete a special study will receive a super rocket radar and the opportunity to fight with boss Giovanni to save Shadow Latios. As with the special study involving Shadow Latias, the battle with Giovanni is likely to be difficult, which will be a good test for the players if they decide to choose a special study. In addition, Latios is a powerful legendary Pokemon, and he will probably significantly strengthen the player’s team.

The blog post also says that Team Go Rocket Grunts and Leaders Pokémon GO will have new shadow Pokemon that players may encounter. Among them are Shadow Geodude, Shadow Shinx and Shadow Purrloin. Those who hope to add a powerful Luxray or Golem to their team will most likely want to spend time searching and fighting with random infantrymen, as well as with Team GO Rocket leaders Cliff, Arlo and Sierra during the game to ensure maximum chances of meeting every shadow. Pokemon. The message also mentions the likelihood of an increase in the number of encounters with Shiny Shadow Pokemon, but there are no details about which types of Pokemon can get a boost.

In addition to the battle with Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO, some fans may be preparing to participate in the upcoming personal event Pokémon GO Fest 2022, which will be held in Seattle at the end of July. While personal events like these are controversial and often miss players who can’t travel to major urban locations, those who can participate will probably have a better chance of meeting Team GO Rocket Grunts while exploring. Hopefully, more legendary Pokemon will appear in the upcoming Pokémon GO Special Research stories, which will give players additional opportunities to meet and catch rare companions.