Pokemon GO: How to make stardust


How to get Stardust is a question that any rookie can answer for themselves the instant they start playing Pokemon GO. Stardust is found from virtually doing anything. The real quandary is how to get lots of Stardust as quickly as possible.

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Pokemon GO gives out lots of Stardust in small increments. So small that even veteran and expert players will be waiting on their next influx of Stardust to progress. Getting lump sums of Stardust is indeed possible, but trainers need to focus on a specific set of tactics and look sharp.

Pop A Star Piece

Gives an extra 50% Stardust for 30 minutes

This can be a bit costly to activate 100% of the time. But in very specific moments when there are loads of Pokemon of gyms around, go ahead and use a Star Piece, then get to work for 30 minutes. The extra 50% goes a long way toward proving why Pokemon GO is one of the multiplayer mobile games unlike any other. This boost also applies when opening gifts or receiving rewards, so pop them timely.

Match Weather And Types

Everyone has been there; there are several Pokemon around but there is only time to catch one or two. Which ones should the trainer target if they already have the selection in the lineup? The answer is to check the weather and the type.

Weather Type First Level Bonus Second Level Bonus Third Level Bonus Cloudy Fairy, Fighting, Poison 25 75 125 Fog Dark, Ghost 25 75 125 Partly Cloudy Normal, Rock 25 75 125 Rainy Bug, Electric, Water 25 75 125 Snow Ice, Steel 25 75 125 Sunny Fire, Grass, Ground 25 75 125 Windy Dragon, Flying, Psychic 25 75 125

Checking the weather may require the gamer to turn off AR mode. As always, stay alert to surroundings and be sure to put on sunscreen for those Fire types and bundle up for the Ice.

Pokemon That Give Bonus Stardust

While players are hunting for the new incense additions, they may run into a Pokemon on the following list. These yield extra Stardust, so prioritize them highly, even if they are spotted from far away.

Pokemon Bonus Stardust Amoongus 700 Alolan Meowth 750 Alolan Persian 950 Audino 2,100 Breloom 700 Chimecho 1,000 Cloyster 1,200 Combee 750 Delibird 500 Foongus 500 Gardbodor 950 Meowth 500 Paras 500 Parasect 700 Persian 700 Sableye 750 Shellder 1,000 Shroomish 500 Starmie 950 Staryu 750 Trubbish 750 Vespiquen 950

These do tend to be on the rare side, so trainers should target them anyhow, but it’s good to know this ahead of time so that a slower trainer who isn’t aware of the bonus can be outraced.

Hatch & Travel

Look for the greatest Steel type to hatch? Or simply just willing to pop any egg in the incubator and run? Good call. Eggs that catch come with a range of Stardust.

Distance To Hatch Egg (in kilometers) Bonus Stardust 2 400 – 800 5 600 – 1,600 7 800 – 1,600 10 1,600 – 3,200 12 3,200 – 6,400

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Doing the math, it’s actually somewhat more valuable to do the two-kilometer eggs because more can hatch. But when covering long distances without looking down at the phone, go ahead and pop in the toughest ones.

Catch Of The Day & Consecutive Bonus

First Pokemon catch of the day – 1,800 Stardust Seven-day streak – 9,000 Stardust

The toughest fights in gaming are from Pokemon GO. That’s not an exaggeration. So don’t strain too hard and fruitlessly battle against tough creatures or trainers. Remember that the first catch every day gives a nice boost of Stardust. Do this seven days in a row and expect a veritable truckload of Stardust to present itself.

Battle Team Rocket

Rocket grunt Defeated – 500 Stardust Rocket leader defeated – 1,000 Stardust

Getting into a scrum with Team Rocket is more than just a fulfillment of role-playing in the Pokemon universe. Beating them is valuable, regardless of where they stand on the company’s org chart. Take out a group of grunts and their leader to bring in another haul of Stardust.

Feed Pokemon At The Gym

Feeding berries to a Pokemon guarding a gym that the trainer’s team owns will give some Stardust as a reward. In busy cities, this can result in a bounty.

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It will take many berries to make this a reliable strategy. Oftentimes, players are sitting on a crop of them without realizing it. Remember that this process can be repeated every 30 minutes for even more Stardust.

Hold Rewards For Double And Triple Events

This is a pretty sneaky way that players who rack up Field Expedition rewards to cash them in. The boxes don’t have to be opened immediately, nor do any rewards, for that matter. There is an obvious temptation to open them right away. But patient players who wait to crack open their gifts until there is a double or triple event will get double or triple the Stardust from each package they open.

Participate In The Battle League

At the end of each Battle League season, there will be a reward given out that contains Stardust. It’s just a little bit that even casual players can appreciate. The hardcore trainers, though, will find that they can get exponentially more by climbing the charts.

Turn On Adventure Sync

It’s a simple process to turn on Adventure Sync, but many don’t do it because they feel the drain on the battery when they aren’t playing or the drain on data is too much.

Weekly Walking Distance (in kilometers) Bonus Stardust 25 500 50 1,000 100 16,000

While these should be taken into consideration, there is free Stardust waiting for those who simply walk around. At least get the highest reward before thinking about disabling the feature.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.


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