Pokémon GO: how to make Eevee evolutions in 2021


Pokémon GO has as main premise to capture several monsters to assemble teams for PvP, Raids or even to collect those that are stronger or rarer (either by appearance or by being in the Brilliant category). Of these, the one that offers more variations, without a doubt, is the Eevee.

The little fox, unlike many creatures in the game, has a total of seven evolutions available within the game (namely, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon and Leafeon), and in this guide you can see how to get each one from them.

How to make Eevee evolutions

If you have an Eevee with good indicators in your team, you can use the following methods to obtain each of the variations:


The most common is random evolution. In it you simply need to invest 25 Eevee Sweets to obtain, without a chance to choose, any of the seven variations available at the moment. By exhausting the others presented below, this will be the only way to add some of the variations to your team by the evolutionary method.

Name change

If you have never done any of the creature’s evolutions, there is the possibility to change its name to obtain exactly one of the variations indicated below when using this option. Here are the names you should use:

Flareon: Pyro
Jolteon: Sparky
Vaporeon: Rainer
Espeon: Sakura
Umbreon: Tamao
Leafeon: Linnea
Glaceon: Rea

Remember that this system will only work once, and changing Eevee’s name to one of the ones mentioned above after getting an evolution by this method will make you fall into the list of random possibilities.

Another important detail: after modifying the name, check if the evolution silhouette has changed from interrogation to that indicated by the new nickname. If this has not happened, close this screen and search again for Eevee with the name already changed to carry out the process.

Other means to obtain Umbreon, Espeon, Leafon and Glaceon
Finally, these four creatures can be obtained in ways other than the two already mentioned in the lines above (and this method can be repeated as many times as you want).

In the case of Leafon and Glaceon, you can use two modules present in the game (Mossy Attracting Module and Glacial Attracting Module, respectively) to create the ideal climate for evolutions in a PokéParada. With one active, just select the desired Eevee and get the evolution – in fact, you can take this opportunity to evolve other creatures that depend on these modules.

As for Umbreon and Espeon, you should leave an Eevee as your partner and walk at least 10 km with him (to avoid mistakes, make sure you walk 10 km directly with him and do not add this amount in a perforated way) and evolve it during the night to get the first and during the day if you choose the second.

So, did you like our tips? It is worth remembering that Niantic holds several events and actions within the game, and just this year we already had a Carnival celebration, a thematic Raid day in the Kanto region and even offered the chance for some players to become NPCs in a specific quest.


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