Pokemon GO: How to Get Unova Stones


There are several creatures in Pokemon GO that require Unova Stone to develop. Eventually, Chandelure will need two, one for each evolutionary stage. Electroross is another popular commodity that needs it before it can be obtained.

Even if players don’t have these pre-evolved Pokemon yet, it’s wise to have a few on hand and stock them so that the evolution process can begin immediately. It takes a bit of luck and some time to get at least one in Pokemon GO, so it’s better to start farming them now.

Breakthroughs in field research

There is currently no guaranteed way to get Unova Stone, but this strategy has the greatest chance of getting it, and it can also be planned regularly. After completing seven field Research Tasks (each must be completed on a different day), gamers will receive stamps for a Research Breakthrough.

This award has a moderate chance of awarding Unova Stone. Fortunately, even if players don’t get it from the first few attempts, it’s a great way to get special types of Pokemon, so it won’t be a waste of time. One of the reasons Pokemon GO remains one of the best multiplayer games for mobile devices only is the reward for the work done.

Timed research events

Breakthroughs in field research can be consistently recommended because of their regularity. However, for players who are a bit likely, committed, and desperate for Unova Stone, they can try to track down time-limited events and complete the Times research.

Similar to the awards for breakthroughs in field research, this one only has a chance to get the Unova stone, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up. However, unlike the first strategy, which can only be completed in a week, a serious gamer can hunt for these events, find them and maximize their chances of getting Unova Stone as soon as possible.

Pokemon GO is already available on Android and iOS devices.


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