Pokémon GO: How To Get The Perfect Shot


We explain in simple steps how to do this trick, which is still a way to test our precision. It does not alter the game.

Pokémon GO has a basic mechanic that is that of excellent launches. Niantic’s video game sometimes presents extraordinary difficulties when it comes to capturing legendary creatures; Especially when it comes to the rewards in research and in Level 5 raid matches because they have a very, very low capture rate (2-5%).

Therefore, the better our launch, the easier it will be for it to be a successful capture. The best shots are the Excellent type; that is, the throw that is made when the circle is as closed as possible. Now how do you make great pitches end up failing?

Learn how to make great pitches with these tips

The first thing we want to make clear is that there are no “tricks” that alter the correct functioning of Pokémon GO, what we are going to tell you next is not a glitch or anything like that, simply a way to take advantage of the launch mechanics to that each shot is as optimal as possible and, consequently, we have the excellent launch almost guaranteed. Believe us, once you have mastered and internalized the moment and the form is almost infallible.

In fact, we are not going to discover the wheel, it just takes practice. It is a practice widely used by advanced players. So that you understand it well, apart from the explanation that we will leave below, we recommend watching this phenomenal video of Sonoroman, which explains it wonderfully.

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Step by step to get excellent launches in Pokémon GO

The first step is to touch the Poké Ball and not release. You have to wait until the diameter of the circle is as closed and small as possible. At that moment we let go (we don’t shoot we just let go)

The second step is to wait. To what? For the Pokémon to do the attack animation. We have to be patient, we simply wait for the Pokémon to try to attack.

Just before the attack animation ends, we spin the Poké Ball (the type doesn’t matter), and when the animation ends, we throw the Poké Ball. We will see that the circle is in that state of minimum opening of step 1, when we release the Poké Ball while the diameter was tiny.

In this way, we will guarantee that the release is an Excellent type; that is, the throw that is made when the circle is as closed as possible.


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