Pokémon GO: how to get candy fast and find rare candy


We explain the most effective methods to win candy in Pokémon GO, an essential item to evolve our creatures. Evolution requires candy in Pokémon GO, an essential item that almost acts as a bargaining chip when it comes to growing our favorite creatures, teaching them movements, etc.

Since the Pokémon companions arrived, a new quite effective method entered the equation, so we will explain below the simplest ways to get candies quickly and how to find rare candies, those that do not distinguish between species but are valid for any race.

Transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow

One of the first, as well as the most effective, methods is the transfer of Pokémon to Professor Willow. Given the limitation of our Pokémon bag, we cannot have more than one specific number of creatures at the same time. All those that surpass us of the same species (either because their genetics do not convince us, etc.), we select, transfer and … wave of sweets!

Hatch Pokémon Eggs

Whether or not you have bought several incubators or super incubators, the standard works for us. Depending on the distance of the Pokémon Eggs that we hatch, we will receive more or less candy. In those of 2 km we will obtain a maximum of 10 candies; in those of 5 and 7 km a maximum of 21 candies; in those of 10 km between 16 and 32 candies. Not bad at all, considering that evolving to the last stage costs between 50 and 100 candies under normal conditions

Walk with your partner

There are species that require even 200 candies to reach their last evolutionary stage. In that case, if you are walking a lot, we recommend that you put this Pokémon as a companion and … walk. It is the best, because for each determined number of kilometers (varies by species) you will get more or less sweets. Thus, each week you can earn an additional considerable amount simply by moving.

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Rare candy, how do you get it?

Finally, the most frequently asked question: how do you get rare candies? Actually, it is not very complicated, but the most effective and tangible methods are three. The first, the weekly research tasks. We are not sure that we will get rare candies with the weekly rewards, but it is frequent. Another method is the Trainer Bouts, but it is the least effective. At least in our case, they rarely give us a considerable amount of this type of candy.

The best, however, are the raids; especially those of Level 5. In them we can obtain up to 3 with ease, so do not hesitate to take advantage of each confrontation with the daily pass to add little by little and have, if you do it well, at least twenty rare candies .

Finally, the method by which we particularly achieve the most: the rewards of Sincroaventura. If you walk 50 km weekly, one of the rewards is 5 additional rare candies.


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