Pokemon GO: How to fight on a train


What You Need to Know about Training that Challenges Team Leaders

The gameplay of Pokmeon GO is not like the typical RPG style of most Pokemon games. Each Pokemon has two types of movements: fast and charged. However, depending on the type of battle, the Pokemon’s movements will be slightly different. Players can either fight other Pokemon in the gym/raids, or fight another trainer one-on-one. For regular players, there is a Train option to help beginners with a different combat system.

The leaders of Team Valor/Mystic /Instinct are present not only to give ratings or advice when playing Pokemon GO. They can also be challenged to a one-on-one battle. Players who are fighting Team GO Rocket Grunts or other PVP players can refresh their skills by training. As with everything else, if you understand how the battle works in Pokemon GO, the easier it will be to win.

What you need to know about Learning

Although the gameplay is modeled one after the other, there are some key differences between Train and (PVP/Rocket) Battle in Pokemon GO. The biggest difference is that players will not receive more than one reward per day for defeating any of the team leaders. Thus, players hoping to farm Stardust through training will want to look elsewhere. It should also be noted that players can challenge any leader, regardless of his team. For example, a Team Mystic player can fight with Candela (Valor) or Spark (Instinct).

Training battles can be accessed by tapping the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the outside world screen. Then select Battle. Scroll down to where it says “Training”. Choose any of the team leaders to challenge and choose a league. There, players will choose a team of three Pokemon — just like in a regular PVP or Team GO Rocket Battle.

Here are some other combat training factors that players should keep in mind:

In PVP, players can swap Pokemon if their lead Pokemon becomes low on HP. Candela, Blanche and Spark will not exchange Pokemon unless players fight them in the Master League. The composition of Pokemon team leaders is always the same for the Great, Ultra and Master League. They won’t change Pokemon to a new one between workouts. This can only change if GO gets an update. Each Pokemon used by the team leader will have maximum IV and CP, the latter of which is calculated based on the League’s CP limit. A victory over the team leader will raise the medal level of a first-class coach, but the players will receive nothing more for the victory. The player’s Pokemon HP will not change after the battle with the trainer. Thus, if a Pokemon is knocked out during training, it will not be knocked out after the end of the fictitious battle.

Train battle may seem like a waste of time, but it’s the only way to unlock top-notch coach gear in the style store. By training a total of 10 times, players will receive a first-class coach medal. Since this is one of the easiest medals in the game, it would be nice to spend some time between catching Pokemon for training.

Challenging Team Leaders

Two Pokemon leagues will be available to players: the Great League and the Ultraliga. Both have a limit of 1500 and 2500 CP per Pokemon for the Great and Ultraliga, respectively. As mentioned earlier, Pokemon Candela/Blanche/Spark will have their Pokemon with the maximum CP depending on the league.

The Master League can be unlocked when players have three Pokemon with 2500+ CP. Unlike the Great and Ultra Leagues, there is no CP limit in the Master League. This means that any opposing Pokemon can have more than 4000 CP per Pokemon. Fortunately, the Pokemon of the team leader will never be stronger than a 5-star raid Pokemon. This means that it is quite possible to fight them and win, despite the potential difficulties.

Judging by the Pokemon mascot of the team leaders, it can be easy for players to understand which Pokemon they are going to use. Candela has the fire type, Blanche has the ice/water type, and Spark has the electric type. However, the leaders have one or two Pokemon that “go against” their preferred type. This is especially noticeable in the Master League.

As of September 2022 , the team leaders used Pokemon:

The leader of the Pokemon Max League team. WED on Pokemon Best Type Counters Candela (Team Valor) Great Combascen (Fire/Battle) 1487 Earth, Water, Flying, Psychic Magcargo (Fire/Stone) 1483 Water*, Stone, Ground Combat Solar Form (Fire) ) 1492 Water, Earth Ultra Flareon (Fire) 2423 Water, Earth Typhlosion (Fire) 2476 Water, Earth Magmortar (Fire) 2416 Water, Earth Master Entei (Fire) 4163 Water, Earth Salamens (Dragon/Flying) 4495 Ice*, Dragon , Fairy, Moltres Stone (Fire/Years) 4154 Stone, Electric, Water Blanche (Mystical Team) The Great Eagle (Dark/Ice) 1465 Combat, Fairy, Fire, Steel, Beetle, Stone Sileo (Ice/Water) 1494 Electric, Combat , Stone, Grass Snowy Form Castform (Ice) 1492 Steel, Fighting, Fire, Rock Ultra


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