Pokemon GO: How to disable Augmented Reality mode


Since the first release, Pokemon GO has an AR mode, which means augmented reality mode. In fact, he uses the phone’s camera to show the player the world around, and then superimposes Pokemon on reality. AR mode is used when catching Pokemon and playing with Pokemon companions.

However, AR mode is not for everyone. In fact, many players on social media have mentioned that they don’t use or enjoy the AR mode in Pokemon GO, as it can make it difficult to interact with Pokemon. Augmented reality mode can also cause the game to freeze and drain the phone’s battery faster. On the plus side, there are ways to disable AR mode.

How to disable AR mode for meetings with wild Pokemon

The first way to disable AR mode is from the main screen of the application, where the player character walks on the map. Tap the Pokeball button at the bottom of the screen. From there, the Settings will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. In the settings, scroll down to where it says Niantic AR (AR+). Uncheck the box. This will make it so that when catching wild Pokemon, augmented reality mode will be disabled.

There is also a second way to do this, which does not disable AR mode completely for each meeting, but disables it during certain meetings. To use it, select a wild Pokemon. On the capture screen, AR mode will have a switch in the upper right corner that can be turned on or off.

How to Disable AR Mode for Buddy Pokemon

Augmented reality mode for Pokemon buddies may feel a little different. When AR mode is turned on, the player will have to scan the room and wait for traces to appear in order to release his Pokemon somewhere.

If they turn the screen, they will be able to look away from the Pokemon they have placed. If you uncheck AR in the settings, this mechanics will change only slightly. The real world will still be in the background, but the player will no longer have to scan the area and place Pokemon. Instead, it will automatically exit and stay on the screen.

The “Fast Processing” option is another way to avoid augmented reality mode, even if augmented reality mode is enabled in the settings. Quick Treat allows the player to summon his buddy on a darkened screen without having to place or move the screen.

However, this is different from the playback mode. The player will not be able to open friends’ gifts, take pictures or stroke them. The Quick Treat option is also only available if the Pokemon is not complete.

Pokemon GO has already been released for mobile devices.


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