Pokémon GO: How To Defeat Giovanni In November 2021; Best Counters


Pokémon GO: For a limited time, Team GO Rocket leader is back accompanied by Dark Lugia starting this November. All the details. Giovanni is back in Pokémon GO temporarily also during this month of November 2021. The leader of Team GO Rocket has returned to the iOS and Android video game accompanied by new dark Pokémon. After the legendary birds of the Kanto region (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres) and then Dark Ho-Oh, starting this November 9 and on the occasion of the Season of Mischief we have the return of Giovanni with Dark Lugia. In order to help you find it and end it, in this article we review all the details, dates, equipment that we can find and the best counters to combat them.

Giovanni in Pokémon GO: how long will he be in the game?

Since November 9, 2021, Pokémon GO takes place when the leader of Team GO Rocket returns and you recruit him with new dark Pokémon, including the leaders Cliff, Sierra and Arlo, whose previous confrontation is essential in order to find Giovanni . The legendary chosen of him will depend on the month in which we meet. In addition, if we defeat him, we will be guaranteed an encounter with the active Legendary Dark Pokémon. Since this November 9, the chosen one is Dark Lugia, but it has not been communicated when they will leave or when the team will change.