Pokémon GO: How to Defeat Arlo, Sierra and Cliff in May 2021; Best Counters

Pokémon GO: On the occasion of Team GO Rocket’s ‘The Higher They Fly…’ investigation, we went over all the details to defeat the recruits before Giovanni.Team GO Rocket returned last March in Pokémon GO. On the occasion of the Season of Legends, between now and June the villain team returns to the Niantic game with new dark Pokémon from Giovanni, who will rotate his legendary (Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres) depending on the month we meet. Before facing the great leader, it is necessary to get the Super Radar Rocket, which we obtain by defeating Arlo, Sierra and Cliff. These are your best counters for May 2021.

After a hiatus due to technical problems, Niantic has reported that Team GO Rocket is back until June. Now, we have an extension to make up for the April days when the Pokémon GO villain team was absent for unexpected reasons: Dark Zapdos will return with a guaranteed match after defeating Giovanni from June 1, 2021 at 00:00 to 17 June 2021 at 00:00.

Arlo, Sierra and Cliff, how to find and defeat them?

To find Arlo, Sierra and Cliff, the first thing we have to do is complete the first three phases of the investigation “The Higher They Fly …”, activated temporarily and free of charge for everyone. These first three phases are very simple, as they are basic tasks that we can complete in a short time, but we must bear in mind that we must first defeat six Team GO Rocket recruits (they are in the Poképaradas), which will give us a Mysterious Component.

If we get six of those components, we will have the Radar Rocket necessary to identify one of the three leaders. By defeating Arlo, Sierra and Cliff in the fourth phase of the investigation we will have the Super Radar Rocket and we will access phase 6/6, which allows us to commission Giovanni.



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