Pokémon GO: how to beat Giovanni, Arlo,


We tell you how to find and defeat the leader Giovanni, Cliff, Sierra and Arlo of Team Go Rocket in Pokémon GO, as well as the best counters.

The arrival of Team GO Rocket was one of the great novelties of Pokémon GO in 2019, one of the incentives that Niantic has given players to continue opening the app daily, but in 2020 they are reinforced with the invasion of the balloons and, now, with a new investigation in October that stars Dark Mewtwo and the 12km Eggs. The dark Pokémon have been a constant, as well as their purification, but what was truly fun and challenging has been the investigation that culminated in the confrontation with Giovanni. We updated our guide to find him and his henchmen for the Team GO Rocket Celebration Event.

The first thing, therefore, is to complete the six phases of the special investigation, Lurking in the Shadows. It will not be until phase number 4/6 when we face the Leader Arlo, Sierra and Cliff, all of them with 1250 experience points when defeating them with a reward of 200 stardust, a Super Radar Rocket and 3 Frambu Berries.

We remember that to find each of them it is necessary to have a Radar Rocket, which requires a total of 6 mysterious components. And to get these components it is necessary to defeat the recruits. The procedure, therefore, is simple: defeat at least six recruits to make the radars and, finally, find the whereabouts of Arlo, Cliff and Sierra. [UPDATED: February 2021]

How to defeat Arlo, Sierra and Cliff: best counters

Cliff: we will be presented with Aerodactyl, while his second Pokémon will switch between Gallade, Cradily and Slowking. Finally, the third Pokémon of him will comprise between Dusknoir, Mamoswine and Tyranitar. The reward for defeating him is Aerodactyl.
Sierra: It will start with Carvanha. The second member of him will switch between Hippowdon, Porygon-Z and Mismagius. Finally, Flygon, Houndoom and Walrein. The reward in this case is an encounter with Carvanha.
Arlo: It will start with Beldum. Gardevoir, Infernape and Aggron are among the candidates for his next companion, while Armaldo, Salamence and Scizor will be the last. The reward, in this case, will be Beldum.

How to find and defeat Giovanni: best counters (currently unavailable)

Before facing him we have to find him. If we find it, we will free the current Pokémon from it, Dark Mewtwo, who we can capture after the fight. The Super Radar Rocket is the necessary object to challenge Giovanni, an object that we receive when we kill Sierra, Arlo and Cliff. The confrontation is limited to certain hours and in specific places, specifically from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM local time at the PokéStops. Also in the Globes.

To defeat Giovanni we must have more than one option in mind, one for each of his Pokémon. In this way, we contemplate the strategy as follows since the team of the great leader of Team GO Rocket has Persian (1), Kangaskhan / Garchomp / Nidoking (2) and Dark Mewtwo (3).


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