Pokémon GO: how to beat Giovanni and get Dark Mewtwo


On the occasion of the arrival of Dark Mewtwo to the game, we review the confrontations with Cliff, Sierra and Arlo and the Super Radar Rocket. Better counters.

The arrival of Team GO Rocket was one of the great novelties of Pokémon GO in 2019, one of the incentives that Niantic has given players to continue opening the app daily, but in 2020 they are reinforced with the invasion of the balloons and, now, with a new investigation in October that stars Dark Mewtwo and the 12km Eggs. The dark Pokémon have been a constant, as well as their purification, but what was truly fun and challenging has been the investigation that culminated in the confrontation with Giovanni. We updated our guide to find him and his minions.

The first thing, therefore, is to complete the six phases of the special investigation, Lurking in the Shadows. It will not be until phase number 4/6 when we face the Leader Arlo, Sierra and Cliff, all of them with 1250 experience points when defeating them with a reward of 200 stardust, a Super Radar Rocket and 3 Frambu Berries.

We remember that to find each of them it is necessary to have a Rocket Radar, which requires a total of 6 mysterious components. And to get these components it is necessary to defeat the recruits. The procedure, therefore, is simple: defeat at least six recruits to make the radars and, finally, find the whereabouts of Arlo, Cliff and Sierra. [UPDATED: October 2020]

How to defeat Arlo, Sierra and Cliff: best counters

  • Arlo will appear before us with Growlithe as the first Pokémon, which will also be the reward if we defeat him. Next, you will have Blastoise, Charizard or Steelix, always random, while your third and last Pokémon, of the same random selection, will be one of the following three: Scizor, Salamence or Dragonite. With this known, we recommend going to the confrontation with Moltres (Wing Attack and Suffocation), Swampert (Mud and Hydrocannon Shot) and Mamoswine (Powder Snow and Avalanche).
  • Sierra currently has Drowzee as the first Pokémon, which is also her reward. Second, you will have one of the following three: Exeggutor, Sharpedo, and Lapras. Third, the fight against Sierra will end with Alakazam, Shiftry or Houndoom, always randomly in the selection of these trios. The best opponents to face this leader of Team GO Rocket are Charizard (Fire Spin and Dragon Claw), Hazorus (Counterattack and Shadow Slash) and Conkeldurr (Counterattack and Dynamic Fist). Another bet to consider is Ludicolo (Sharp Blade and Energibola).
  • Cliff is currently featured with Omanyte as the starting Pokémon and reward after the match. Next, we can see him with Onix, Machamp or Electivire, while the last of his team will be one of Torterra, Swampert or Tyranitar. To face him, the best opponents are, without a doubt, Mewtwo (Confusion and Shadow Ball), Lucario (Counterattack and Aural Sphere) and Rhyperior (Mud Slap and Rockbreaker). Another option is Glaceon (Frost Mist and Ice Beam).
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