Pokémon GO: how to beat and capture Genesect in raids


The artificial Pokémon from the Unova region is coming to Niantic’s game once again. We review his best opponents to defeat him in raids.

Pokémon GO will welcome Genesect for a week after a long period of absence. The last week of the Ultrabonus, Week 3 – Unova Challenge will be complemented by the temporary appearance of the artificial Pokémon of the fifth generation, a prehistoric being 300 million years old and now ready to be captured again. Let’s go over all the details and the best counters.

Dates: When will Genesect be available in Pokémon GO?

The appearance of Genesect in Pokémon GO will occur in the five-star raids from this Friday, August 14, 2020 at 22:00 CEST and until Friday, August 21, 2020 at 22:00 CEST. We are talking about a creature of the Bug and Steel type, a really unusual combination that therefore raises the need to elaborate a more complex strategy; but there are enough creatures currently in the game to appease its enormous power. So is this dangerous Pokémon.

Genesect, one of the few artificial Pokémon in the saga

In Pokémon GO, Genesect has an attack of 252, defense in 199 and 174 points in resistance. A machine designed for combat that the Plasma Team used by canon for its interests. The normal thing is that at level 20 we find it with 1916 PC, while if it has a boost due to weather we can see it with 2395 PC.

We recommend going for it with a minimum of four people at level 40, but it is a much better guarantee to finish the fight on time if we are five participants. The final combat of the raid, which we remember is level 5, will be with 47836 CP. Is very powerful.

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Best opponents to defeat Genesect in Pokémon GO

Let’s move on then to know some of the Pokémon that we recommend for this raid, quite monothematic because it is weak x4 to the Fire type. Suffocation is a lethal move, so an assortment of good Fire-type attackers will guarantee combat. Keep in mind that Genesect will attack us, in the worst scenario, with movements such as Metal Claw in the fast one and, in the main one, Hyperbeam, Magnet Bomb or X Scissors.

  • Reshiram with Fiery Fang and Suffocation
  • Chandelure with Twist Fire and Suffocation
  • Darmanitan (standard) with Fiery Fang and Suffocation
  • Volcarona with Twist Fire and Suffocation
  • Moltres with Twist Fire and Suffocation
  • Blaziken with Fire Spin and Fiery Fang
  • Flareon with Twist Fire and Suffocation


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