Pokémon go | How do you beat mega charizard, venusaur?


The arrival of Mega Raids and Mega Evolutions pose a new challenge for players. We tell you how to defeat them and their best counters.

Mega Evolutions and Mega Incursions are the great novelty of Pokémon GO for this last four months of 2020. After the arrival of this beloved mechanic started back in 2013 with Pokémon X / Y as a way to take the power of creatures in their last evolutionary form. Her debut in the Niantic game occurs from this date and until further notice in the new raids with four species. Let’s know all the details.

Mega Charizard X / Y, Mega Blastoise and Mega Venusaur in Pokémon GO

As we have seen this Monday in our article dedicated to all raid bosses for the month of September, the 2 and 4-star categories in Raids are eliminated; rather, integrated into the 1 and 3 stars, respectively. In Mega Raids, which are 5 stars, we have a speed bonus to grant us Mega Energy.

In principle, the Mega Evolutions will only be in Pokémon GO in September; at least with known activities and events. From September 1 to 7, the goal is to complete as many Mega Raids as we can to gather as much MEganergy as possible and, with it, Mega Evolve our Pokémon. In this case, the first activated are Charizard (with its X and Y form), Venusaur and Blastoise. When we see them in the Raids, these are the teams we recommend.

Best opponents for Mega Charizard X

  • Rampardos with Anti-Aircraft and Sharp Rock
  • Palkia with Dragon Tail and Draco Comet
  • Zekrom with Dragonbreath and Anger
  • Garchomp with Dragon Tail and Anger
  • Hazorus with Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw
  • Reshiram with Dragonbreath and Comet Draco
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Best opponents for Mega Charizard Y

  • Rampardos with Antiaircraft and Avalanche
  • Rhyperior with Anti-Aircraft and Rockbreaker
  • Terrakion with Anti-Aircraft and Avalanche
  • Landorus with Rock Thrower and Avalanche
  • Tyranitar with Anti-Aircraft and Sharp Rock

Best opponents for Mega Venusaur

  • Charizard with Fire Spin and Fire Ring
  • Darmanitan with Ice Fang and Suffocation
  • Reshiram with Fiery Fang and Suffocation
  • Alakazam with Confusion and Psychic
  • Moltres with Twist Fire and Suffocation
  • Chandelure with Twist Fire and Suffocation

Best opponents for Mega Blastoise

  • Zekrom with Charge Lightning and Cruel Volt
  • Electivire with Thunder Shock and Cruel Volt
  • Deoxys Zen Heading Attack and Electrocannon
  • Roserade with Sharp Blade and Sunbeam / Grass Bow
  • Raikou with Thunder Shock and Cruel Volt
  • Thundurus with Thunder Shock and Thunder


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