Pokémon GO: guide for Community day August 2021 with Eevee


Pokémon GO: We go over all the details to get the most out of Community Day this August in Pokémon GO. Eevee and its evolutions, the protagonists. The most anticipated moment of the month in Pokémon GO is here. Community Day this August is very special not only because it is starring Eevee, but because it lasts two days. On Saturday and Sunday, the Trainers of the Niantic game for iOS and Android have an unmissable appointment as it is an ideal time to get any of their eeveelutions with a special move. In this guide we tell you everything: the dates of the event, hours, bonuses, recommendations and special movements of the evolutions.

August Community Day (Eevee) in Pokémon GO: Date, time and characteristics

Community Day in August 2021 features Eevee and takes place both this Saturday, August 14, and this Sunday, August 15. On both days, the hours of the event are from 11:00 to 17:00 (local time), a total of six hours for each one to choose the slots that suit them best. We remember that in Spain there is a forecast of a strong heat wave, so we recommend playing in the morning; Likewise, from Niantic they remember that the safety distance continues to be as recommended as ever since the pandemic began: it is not necessary to be close to our friends to play.

It will be during these hours when Eevee appears much more frequently in the wild; It may come out in its shiny / shiny form. On the other hand, for a dollar we can access the exclusive special investigation story of the Eevee Community Day What You Want to Be.

Regarding the bonuses, they are the following:
Eggs will require a quarter of the distance to hatch.
Incense activated during the event will last three hours.
Bait Modules activated during the event will last three hours.


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