Pokémon GO gives the promotion 41 free items


Niantic is celebrating five years with this bundle of items, which includes Ultra Ball, Star Chunk, Pinia Berry, and a few Niantic stickers.

Pokémon GO is celebrating. Niantic’s fifth anniversary is being commemorated in a multitude of ways across all of the company’s active games; including its greatest phenomenon, which is living in 2020 one of its best moments both in content and in monthly concurrent players. This time we come with a free lot of a total of 41 useful objects for our day to day. It is valid for all Trainers on both iOS and Android devices.

41 useful items to redeem in Pokémon GO

We do not know if the code is limited or if we will be able to redeem it within a few weeks, so we recommend doing it as soon as possible. In total, they give us 41 quite interesting objects for the daily games, especially focused on the capture tasks. Let’s take a look:

20 Ultra Ball
1 Piece of Star
10 Pinia Berries
10 Niantic Stickers

Promotion Code: DJTLEKBK2G5EK

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