Pokémon GO gets new tweaks for you to play without leaving home


Pokémon GO has had some modifications in the past few days to keep players protected during that quarantine period. In addition to the fact that you don’t have to walk to participate in Pokémon GO League battles and the sale of basic item packs for just 1 coin, trainers will soon also see changes to the Raid system.

In a message posted on its official blog, Niantic revealed that it will deploy a system in the game so that players can participate in Raid battles without leaving their home. It was not mentioned, however, if it will be possible to choose the location to participate in the battle or if it will be in the Gymnasiums closest to the location where the trainer is.

Another modification that the producer prepares to carry out is in the step counting system to hatch eggs and obtain sweets for the adventure companion Pokémon. Activities carried out at home, such as cleaning it or even running on a treadmill, for example, will now consider the necessary distances within Sincroaventura.

Virtual tours
There was also mention that there are efforts to get players to visit real places in a virtual way through the game, as well as ongoing strategies to hold events like Pokémon GO Fest in a way that all players can participate in the place they live in.

“We have always believed that our games could include elements of indoor gaming combined with actions in open environments, allowing us to exercise and explore the DNA of what we build. Now it is our turn to prioritize this work, with the great challenge of making playing at home as exciting as doing it on the streets, ”said Niantic.

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