Pokémon GO gets a feature players have been waiting for for a long time


Pokemon GO’s developer team, Niantic, announced that Today’s View, a feature that players have been waiting for a long time, will be added to the game soon. With this feature, players will be able to see all the events that are happening at the moment on a single screen.

One of the legendary games of Pokemon GO, it has a feature that players have been waiting for almost 4 years. ‘Today View’ feature announced by the developer team Niantic; It is known as a section that shows the ongoing events, the status of Pokemon in the Gym, the daily Streak status and the innovations that will come to Pokemon GO.

The new feature was one of the features that the Pokemon GO community has been most expecting over the past few years. Thanks to Today View, seeing various information about the game in one place will undoubtedly make the game much more enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly this new feature contains.

What is the Today View feature to be added to Pokemon GO?
Players will be able to view information about all in-game events currently taking place in the Today View section. At this point, if more than one event is taking place at the same time, separate cards will appear for each event. The developer team, Niantic, mentioned the functionality of Today View as follows:

Events: The top section will show you what events are currently in the game. If there are multiple overlapping events, there will be separate cards showing each.

Pokemon in Gym: Follow all Pokemon you have in Gym. You can also see how long your Pokemon has been defending the Gym, how much motivation has been left, and how many

PokeCoins you’ve earned by defending the Gyms.
Streak: You can follow your daily PokeStop wheel and your daily Pokemon capture series.

Coming soon: You can check which events will arrive at the bottom of the page.
Although all the above information can be displayed on a single ‘Today View’ screen, Niantic has not announced when this feature will be added to the game. Still, many different sources state that the new feature will be added to the game shortly.