Pokémon GO: get 41 free objects with this code


Niantic’s video game receives a new gift code with a multitude of useful items, including a Lucky Egg that many will appreciate.

Pokémon GO celebrates Christmas with a small gift. As they did months ago, a new promotional code has reached all versions of the Niantic title that we can redeem regardless of whether we use an iOS or Android device. The gift, which consists of no less than 41 items, is for everyone.

41 useful objects as gifts for Pokémon GO – Merry Christmas

Thanks to Serebii, who as always is attentive to this type of information, we can already share the budding code, which is made up of 30 Ultra Ball, 10 Max. Revive and a Lucky Egg. We do not know if the code is permanent or will expire in the next few days, so we recommend claiming it as soon as possible.

30 Ultra Ball – The Poké Ball with the highest catch rate
10 Max. Revive – Item that revives a Pokémon with all HP
Lucky Egg – x2 in XP for 30 minutes (longer with bonus)
Promotion Code: TRFJVYZVVV8R4

How to redeem the Pokémon GO code for free on Android?

If you use an Android device, connecting the code is very simple; it does not change the procedure with respect to previous occasions. We open the application, go to the Store and, in Promotions, we enter the code in question followed by Claim. Of course, it is essential to have space in the bag to be able to do it; if not, the indicator will appear that we have to expand the space or eliminate objects.


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