Pokémon GO details its schedule and events


With 2021 getting closer and closer, developer Niantic has revealed its plans for the near future in Pokémon GO, detailing what will be the turn of the year and the beginning of next year.

The year has already started in full swing with a new Extraordinary Discovery: between 6 pm (Brasília time) on January 1 until 6 pm on February 1, we will have a chance to catch a Chansey when completing his missions!

Shortly before that, from 10 pm (local time) on December 31, 2020 until 10 pm on 4 January 2021, there will be a New Year’s event featuring new avatar items, old monsters with party hats, and the new Slowpoke Bobo wearing 2020 glasses.

Also revealed was the raid schedule filled with legendary and mythical Pokémon: from 6 pm on January 1 until 10 am on 5 January, Ho-Oh will be on the raids, entitled to rare brilliant versions too! From 10am on 5 January until 10am on 12 January, Genesect will be on the raids with a Burning Disc.

From 10am on 12 January until 10am on 19 January, Heatran will appear, also with brilliant versions. Finally, from 10 am on 19 January until 10 am on 26 January, Kyogre and Groundon will be your challenges and may also appear Brilliant. Closing the month, Niantic also promised a surprise on January 26, when a mysterious monster will appear in the raids after 10am.

All times above take into account only your local time. Did you like this schedule? Comment!


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