Pokémon GO: Darkrai Raid Guide (Best counters and weaknesses)


Darkray is a dark type Pokemon that trainers will face as a level 5 raid boss in Pokémon GO. This legendary shadow Pokemon from Sinnoh has a fighting strength of 53,623. In this regard, it is strongly recommended that the participants of the raid enter with three or more high-level trainers, since this pocket monster is impossible alone. Accordingly, the availability of suitable elemental counters to defeat this raid boss is necessary to achieve the best results in battle. Darkray also has a small chance to become a Shinee in Pokémon GO, appearing with a pink scarf and a dark purple body instead of the classic red scarf and black body.

As a dark Pokemon, Darkray is resistant to ghostly, dark and psychic attacks. Therefore, Pokemon such as Metagross, Mismagius or Chandelur are ineffective against this raid boss. On the other hand, he is weak to combat, insects and magic moves. If the weather is foggy in the augmented reality world of Pokémon GO, Darkray will get a weather boost, slightly improving his fast and charged movements. In addition, this raid boss will cause maximum damage if equipped with Snarl and Shadow Ball.

The four main counters of Legendary Darkrai in Pokémon GO Raid are Shadow Macchamp, Shadow Hariyama, Mega Beedrill and Shadow Granbull. However, not all trainers will have these rare shadow or mega-pokemon in Pokémon GO. Alternatively, the usual unmodified Pokemon listed below are more than capable of resisting Darkray in a raid battle.

How to resist Darkray in the Pokémon GO raid
The Best Battle counters for Darkrai

Konkeldurr: Type: Combat | Evolution: Develop Timburr and Gurdurr with Candy ×250 | Best Set of Moves: Fast Move — Counter, Charged Move — Dynamic PunchMachamp: Type: Fighting | Evolution: Evolve Machop and Machok with Candy ×125 | Best set of moves: Fast movement is a counterattack, Charged movement is a dynamic strike. Lucario: Type: Fighting & Steel | Evolution: Develop Ryola with Candy ×50 | Best Set of Techniques: Fast Move — Counter, Charged Move — Aura SphereHariyama: Type: Fighting | Evolution: Develop Makuhita with Candy ×50 | Best Set of Techniques: Fast Move — Counter, Charged Move — Dynamic Punch

The Best Fairy counters for Darkrai

Togekiss: Type: Fairy and Flying | Evolution: Develop Togepi and Togetic with Candy × 125 and Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon GO | Best Set of Techniques: Fast Move — Charm, Charged Move — Dazzling GleamGardevoir: Type: Fairy & Psychic | Evolution: Develop Ralls and Kirlia with Candy ×125 | The best set of techniques: Fast Move — Charm, Charged Move — Dazzling Gleam

Best Error Counters for Darkrai

Heracross: Type: Fighting Game and Bug | Evolution: No Evolution | Best Set of Techniques: Fast Move — Counter, Charged Move — MegahornYanmega: Type: Bug & Flying | Evolution: Develop Yanma with Candy × 100 and Sinnoh Stone | Best Set of Techniques: Fast Move — Bug Bite, Charged Move — Buzz Buzz


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