Pokémon GO Daily Adventure Incense Makes It Easier to Catch Legendary Items


Pokémon GO adds a new daily incense item that will make it easier to meet and capture rare Pokemon, including legendary ones. Niantic’s augmented reality mobile blockbuster allows players to explore their real environment in search of a wide range of collectible creatures endowed with elemental powers to capture, train and fight other users in turn—based battles – just like it happens in the main Pokemon series. games.

Even six years after Pokémon GO was first released, players continue to log in hoping to find the newest Pokemon, and the element of unpredictability as to what creatures the user will encounter next helps fans come back again and again. Niantic has also made many changes to the Pokémon GO gameplay over the years, adjusting the likelihood of players meeting certain Pokemon and adding new features, such as the Campfire social app, which allows players to organize raids and other joint activities with their friends. Not every change in Pokémon GO has been welcome, and many players have complained that they missed one or two special Pokémon GO Community Day or two events due to technical issues in the past.

Yesterday PokémonGoLive.com Announced that the developers of Pokémon GO will add a new in-game item called Daily Adventure Incense next week. Players will receive one daily adventure incense per day and can only hold one at a time, but once activated, the player will have a better chance of encountering rare Pokemon species over the next 15 minutes, including ultra-rare legendary items such as the Shadow from Pokemon GO. Latios. Players can activate the Daily Adventure Incense just like any other Incense by tapping the corresponding item icon in the item bag or in the upper right corner of the Pokémon GO in-game card. From there, the player’s virtual avatar will emit a swirling blue mist, and wild Pokemon will be attracted to their location as long as the player continues to move. If the player manages to catch any Pokemon during the Daily Adventure Incense action, he will be presented with a brief overview of all the Pokemon he has caught, which he will then be able to share on social networks.

Daily Adventure Incense makes it Easier to Find Pokemon

In addition to the Daily Adventure Incense itself, this newest Pokémon GO update will give players who have 30 Pokeballs, Great Balls and Ultra Balls or less an additional 30 Pokeballs each time they activate the Daily Adventure Incense. This bonus will certainly come in handy during this week’s Pokémon GO: Hisuian Discoveries event, which will add several new Pokemon species from the ancient Hisui region that were introduced this year in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Like the Pokemon at the heart of Nintendo’s long-running monster-fighting franchise, Pokémon GO is constantly evolving with new additions to the list, special events and useful new items that make it easier for players to catch them. The new Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon GO is just such a tool, as it increases the chance of finding a rare legendary Pokemon and ensures that players will have enough Poké Balls to catch the creature as soon as they find it. Starting next week, players will start receiving free daily incense at the entrance to Pokémon GO.


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