Pokemon GO Confirms Pokemon Community Day in October 2022


Niantic has announced that Litwick, Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon will be Pokemon GO Community Day in October. This Community Day will mark the debut of Litvik’s brilliant form in the game.

Pokemon GO adheres to its Season of Light theme, using Pokemon with a terrible origin, choosing Litwick, which has the shape of a candle, but has darker connotations, being pokemon of the ghost and fire types. As is the case with other Pokemon of the Community Day, Litvik’s brilliant form will have an increased chance. Litvik first appeared in the game in 2019, but he was hard to find outside of events involving Ghost-type Pokemon. Even then, the speed of Litvik’s appearance was not as high as that of other Pokemon.

Litvik Community Day will be held on October 15 from 14:00 to 17:00 regional time, and there will be special bonuses for the catch at the event. Some things that can be expected are a triple catch experience, a double Litwick candy after the catch, an increased chance to double the amount of XL Candy obtained for trainers of level 31 or higher, as well as an increased duration of bait and incense, increased to 3 hours. Friends will be able to trade Pokemon at a reduced price and can make two special deals during the Community Day hours. The chances of a brilliant Litvik hunt after Community Day will also be increased. Coaches who personally participate in Lampert’s 4-star raids will receive an increased number of Litvik spawns within 30 minutes and 300 meters of the raid hall after it ends with a brilliant Community Day appearance rate.

Litvik’s latest form, Chandelur, will learn the unique Poltergeist Community Day technique, which will be available for the first time in Pokemon GO. This move could become one of the best charged ghost type moves based on a combination of fast moves and Pokemon IV. If he is strong enough, he can make Chandelure useful against psychic-type raids like Mega-Alakazam. Adding a Poltergeist can also bring Chandelure closer to becoming one of the best attacking Ghost-type Pokemon in the mega-evolution Ghost-type Pokemon.

As usual for Pokemon GO Community Day events, there will be a $1 (or regional equivalent) Special Research Story Path ticket in the store, which will give additional opportunities to get Litwick candy and shiny Litwick, as well as premium items such as star parts.

The event with Litvik’s participation in Pokemon GO was long-awaited. Perhaps this is one of the best brilliant variations in the game throughout its evolutionary line. Pokemon GO trainers can only hope that the odds will fall in their favor, and hope that they will gather not only brilliant Litviks, but also those who have favorable IVs that they can use in raids and show off in gyms.

Pokemon GO is already available on Android and iOS.


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