Pokémon GO – Community Day: dates


After confirming the Community Day candidates for these next two months (Charmander, Caterpie, Grimer and Porygon), it is time to vote.

The Pokémon Company has detailed the voting method and exact dates of entry to select the winners of the Pokémon GO Community Day in September and October. As happened in previous appointments this year, users of the Niantic game will be chosen to choose the protagonists of Community Day for two consecutive months.

In this case, the participants were already revealed last week (Charmander, Caterpie, Grimer and Porygon), but now we have much more information, such as the exact days to vote, how to do it and what exclusive move the winner will be able to learn if he is chosen to Community Day in September (the most voted) or October (the second most voted).

How and when to vote: dates to take the survey

First and foremost: when can we vote? Take note so that you don’t forget: on August 23 and 24 through the official Twitter account in English of Pokémon GO. Voting will open from 03:00 am on Sunday, August 23 (CEST) and will end on Monday, August 24 at 03:00 (CEST). That is, we will have a total of 24 calendar hours to vote for the Pokémon that we would most like to be chosen for the Community Days in September and October, which will take place on the following dates:

  • September Community Day: September 20, Sunday
  • October Community Day: October 17, Saturday

Candidates for the September and October Community Day: all the details
And now, the most difficult, who to vote for? Regardless of personal preferences, it is surely interesting to stop to assess what exclusive movement the Pokémon species that wins this time will learn during Community Day. We go on to break down the confirmed information:

  • Charmander: if we evolve into Charmeleon during the event, we can obtain a Charizard that learns the Dragon-type Dragon-type attack; a very useful move precisely against dragons, against which it is super effective.
  • Caterpie: in case of evolving it to Metapod, we will be able to choose a Butterfree that knows Gale, a Flying type movement. It is interesting because it is a charged attack that will give us great support in the face of Fighting, Grass and Bug type Pokémon.
  • Grimer: Muk’s anteroom would appear in the wild and after hatching Eggs; the Alola variant in raids. If we evolve to Muk or Muk from Alola it will learn Fire Punch, Fire type. We would be talking about the first attack of this type available for this evolutionary line, a unique case that raises really interesting strategies.
  • Porygon: another one from Kanto. In case of evolving it to Porygon2, a final Porygon-Z would learn Triataque, of Normal type. We are facing a new movement in Pokémon GO that can reduce the opponent’s attack and defense, in addition to inflicting damage.
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