Pokémon GO: Charmander and Porygon


Pokémon GO players via Twitter have chosen Charmander and Porygon to star in the September and October Community Days

Squashed like a worm. This is how Caterpie ended in the Twitter vote that has served to choose the Pokémon protagonists of the September and October events of the Pokémon GO Community Day. He has not been the worst stopped, as Grimer has been the great loser of the contest, with only 3.9% of the votes (compared to 4.1% for Caterpie). In the poll, in which almost 850,000 voters participated, there were two clear winners. In second place, with 36.6% of the votes, Charmander, one of the initial Pokémon of Pokémon Blue and Red. Surpassing half the votes (55.3%), Porygon has risen with the laurels of victory.

As reported by the Pokémon GO social networks, trainers will be able to enjoy the presence of these two Pokémon at upcoming events. The vote took place between August 23 and 24, over a period of just 24 hours.

Evolve Pokémon during events

If we evolve Charmander into his Charmeleon form throughout the event, we will have the opportunity to get a Charizard with the Dragon-type Dragonbreath attack. This ability is especially effective against dragons. On the other hand, in case of evolving to Porygon, another of the Kanto classics, we will obtain Porygon 2. His final transformation, Porygon-Z, will learn Triataque, of a normal type. It is a movement capable of reducing both the opponent’s attack and defense.

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play title available exclusively for mobile terminals. The game, which is free to download on Android and iOS, allows the player to enjoy the experience while walking through the real world. Of course, in the current coronavirus situation, prudence is the most important thing. The use of masks and social distance are the most effective protection measures. Super effective defense!

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